In a service market, an increase in the services leads to a decrease in the rate of unemployment. This market for services is itself under pressure from various organizations leading to the development of a Support Chain platform.

What Is Support Chain?

This support chain aims to change and secure services market. Besides, Support Chain helps in solving unemployment problems associated with lack of jobs when jobs are in demand. Finally, the chain is responsible for implementing a more decentralized charitable platform for all kinds of areas and directions.

In other words, a Support chain is an innovative global platform that enables the purchasing and selling of services by connecting service providers and customers worldwide.

Market Problems And Support Chain Solutions

Support Chain, therefore, intends to change these market problems and offer solutions. The following are the problems and their respective solutions:

The first problem is the absence of an international public platform that gathers all people of different classes together. By solving this, Support chains need to create a global platform that can unite all people and their needs.

Another problem is the issue of the language barrier. People in different geographical regions find it hard to share their concerns due to the difference in languages. A request will, therefore, be put in two languages: mother tongue and English. If someone does not understand English, he or she can place an application in the mother tongue. This will hence help in reaching out to a larger audience.

Another problem is the lack of international platforms that offer e-commerce services. Support chain aims at solving the problem by allowing users, from different geographical areas in the world, to render or order services.

Size And Market Opportunities

Increase and growth in technology have made many people order or render services through the internet. Before, people bought and sold different goods on specific limited sites. The development of these sites has however grown massively.

The size market has also led to unemployment rates being too high. This implies the need for coming up with many companies that can reduce the number. Due to the small number of companies that offer employment, many people turn to the internet in search of companies providing services. This leaves behind a large number of people without a job

How Support Chain Blockchain Jobs & Charity Platform Works

Support chain will roll out two ways on how they will receive donations:

First, all users who will be acting as charitable foundations will be able to withdraw funds received from their accounts. The funds will be withdrawn through Ethereum wallets. The Ethereum will then be exchanged into any currency in regions of need.

In a second way, charitable foundations in countries with undeveloped cryptocurrencies will have to resolve issues related to conduct of transactions and the ability to withdraw cryptocurrency into bank accounts. For such category of users, a special form will be made available to enable withdrawing of funds into accounts.

Upon submission and approval of the withdrawal request, a specified number of tokens will be written off from the Ethereum purse. The tokens will then be exchanged according to the rates, and the funds will be sent to a company’s bank account.

Support Chain SUP Token ICO Details

The company offers Support Coin (SUP) tokens. A connection is then created between a support token and a support coin. The issuing of these tokens will, however, be done once.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker: SUP
  • Price: 1 ETH = 1200 SUP
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Soft cap: 5,000 ETH
  • Hard cap: 40,000 ETH
  • Country: Russia, Georgia
  • Restricted: USA
  • Date: 15.07.2018 – 31.09.2018

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