SupraFin Review

SupraFin is a global, vetted token platform built on blockchain technology. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is SupraFin?

SupraFin, found online at, aims to help cryptocurrency holders create a diversified portfolio of tokens from a vetted ecosystem of top startups around the world.

With SupraFin, everyone has access to an ICO ecosystem that emphasizes transparency while eliminating fraud. You can enjoy a handpicked network of tokens from legitimate startups. You don’t have to sort through countless ICO scams to find the one “unicorn”.

SupraFin aims to offer access to the best startups in industries like lending, media, gaming, finance, payments, computing, and more.

As of April 2018, there’s limited information about SupraFin available online. The company appears to have only recently appeared online at The website features basic details about how the platform will work. The website also mentions an upcoming SupraFin ICO. We expect more details to be released in the coming weeks.

How SupraFin Global Blockchain Vetted Token Platform Works

The overall goal of SupraFin is to bring transparency to the ICO industry. To do that, SupraFin is creating a global, vetted token ecosystem. That ecosystem is built on blockchain technology – specifically, the Ethereum blockchain.

How will SupraFin choose which startups to feature on its platform? The platform will use “proprietary processes to select the best startups globally,” explains the official website.

Here’s how the platform works for the three main participants, including investors, startups with tokens, and startups without tokens:

  • Cryptocurrency holders can access the SupraFin platform to purchase tokens from around the world, selecting from a vetted ecosystem of startups in their pre-ICO stage
  • Startups in the pre-ICO phase can use the SupraFin platform to access cryptocurrency token holders eager to buy tokens from startups at pre-sale discounts
  • Startups with no tokens who wish to benefit from the ICO industry will be able to use the SupraFin platform to create their own tokens

When a startup offers a pre-ICO, that pre-ICO is typically reserved for select groups of people – like accredited institutional investors or people willing to invest more than, say, $10,000. This excludes many interested investors from the pre-sale phase. SupraFin wants to get around this issue by pooling investors together, allowing them to access companies in the pre-ICO phase and purchase a handpicked selection of tokens.

SupraFin plans to offer access to startups in multiple industries. Some of the specific industries listed on the SupraFin website include startups involved in asset management, media, gaming, identity verification, infrastructure, lending, payments, computer storage, and more.

Who’s Behind SupraFin?

SupraFin is led by founder and CEO Liliana Reasor, an entrepreneur with 20+ years of fintech and investment banking experience at JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and Moody’s Analytics.

Other listed members of the executive team include Shachindra Nath (Chief Digital Officer) and Kristian Feldborg (Chief Technology Officer).

SupraFin ICO Details

SupraFin will launch an initial coin offering (ICO) in the near future.

Details on the ICO have not yet been announced. We don’t know how SupraFin tokens will work. They could be security tokens offering a genuine stake in the company. Or, they could be utility tokens used to invest in startups through the SupraFin platform.

As of April 2018, we do not have confirmed dates for the SupraFin ICO.

SupraFin Conclusion

SupraFin is a global, vetted token platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. As of April 2018, there’s limited information about SupraFin available online. The team has published some basic details of their project online at They’ve also announced plans to launch a token sale in the near future. Beyond that, however, we have limited information about how SupraFin works.

Nevertheless, we expect more details about the platform to be released in the coming weeks. To learn more about the project and to stay up-to-date, visit today.

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