Surkus Inc is based out of Los Angeles as one of the leaders in the crypto industry for event technology. Due to recent changes in their investments, they’ve managed to raise $10 million in Series B funding. This effort was due to the actions of EOS Global, which is a venture fund worth over $200 million that was only established in the industry in early 2018. EOS Global showed their support for Surkus in the following statement: “We fully believe in the mission of Surkus and our shared vision of the need for scalable and global solution in the marketing/advertising space. We are excited for the EOS blockchain to support that growth ahead.”

While capitalizing on the success with Series B funding, Surkus has been expanding their reach to establish a platform in Asia as well, with Honk Kong being the first international city that participates. With the thriving economy in Honk Kong, it will greatly benefit the company in terms of the available events and brands in the city.

CEO of Surkus, Stephen George, released the following statement: “At Surkus, our goal is to help our members experience the world around them to help our clients engage with their target audience. With this investment, we’ll be able to offer a more diverse array of campaigns and events in more cities around the world, starting with Hong Kong. We’re also looking forward to incorporating blockchain technology into the platform to increase automation and help us scale as we grow.”

Any members of Surkus are encouraged to participate in different events and campaigns, for which they will receive rewards and incentives. As a result, the platform will learn about the user’s interests to get a better idea of the clients that they serve. Then, they can use the demographics to reach out to other clients that may be interested in investing. Since Hong Kong serves so many different people, they will be able to gather data that covers so much more than the United States provides.

Supporting the inclusion of this market, George said, “Hong Kong is a thriving city with over 7 million people. The city is accepting emerging technology more and more, and platforms like Surkus can really move the needle. Hong Kong tastemakers will now have access to exclusive events and campaigns, which will further connect them back to the city they love. Hong Kong is a strategic initial market for us as we look to launch Surkus across the region.”

Originally, this platform was just an event-promotion brand, which zeroed in on the nightlife aspect. Even though this part of the industry still needs attention and support, the use of the platform with other sources of entertainment and event planning is also beneficial. George’s experience with Groupon and their IPO has made him more prepared to help with the diversity on the platform.

George understand the need to integrate multiple interests within the Surkus brand. “We know that our members have a variety of interests, so we want the experiences on Surkus to reflect that. It’s been exciting to work with so many different brands and businesses as a part of their marketing programs. We envision Surkus as being the go-to platform for brands large and small looking to find a hyper-targeted community. Our members provide meaningful engagement, and as we grow, so does their value to brands.”

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