The surging interest in cryptocurrency markets has led to more enthusiasts turning out to becoming traders. It is evident that more and more traders are exploring ways to maximize their trading earnings.

However, the crypto markets carry plenty of data, and it is often hard for traders to scour the internet for the right information that will enable them successfully trade in the digital assets market.

That is where platforms such as Svandis come in to assist in providing primary methods that can help to predict successful trade moves for the virtual assets. Here's how the platform could further our analysis of the crypto markets.

What Is Svandis?

Svandis is a data-driven blockchain platform that will provide cryptocurrency asset trading and investment analysis to the users. The platform's concept works to revolutionize the way crypto investors receive information by applying a practical solution that can meet the demand of the growing crypto markets in real time. Additionally, the Svandis ecosystem will consist of visualization platform for the predicting and analysis of crypto assets.

Svandis Features

  • ICO and Token Sale Screener for selecting and analyzing upcoming ICOs one would want to participate in.
  • Cryptocurrency and Token Screener to select potentially beneficial tokens for trading
  • Varied visualization tools that offer the trader a simple visual snapshot of all the valuable information. These features include the Svandis indices, heat maps, charts, groups, and catalyst analysis
  • Newsfeed in real-time to keep the user updated 24×7
  • Customized User Interface that gives the trader freedom to input their settings for technical indicators, price alerts, create a watchlist among other criteria options.
  • Marketplace to facilitate the liquidity of the Svandis token

Svandis Blockchain Investor Data For Crypto Trading Benefits

Language Processing

Using machine language processing, Svandis will enable the identification of emerging market trends which could help diversify the trader's portfolio

Machine Learning

Svandis use of machine learning algorithms is critical in improving the delivery speed and accuracy of information within the ecosystem

Use Of Correlation Analysis

The automation process for the Svandis ecosystem is easily accessible to all the users, and this helps to have accurate price indicators and variables.

Background Rxperience

Svandis is the idea of Hermann Finnbjornsso, and as a veteran in the tech world, there is plenty of legitimacy that this fact adds to the platform.

Svandis SVN Token ICO Details


  • Start- 17th February 2018
  • End- 25 May 2018

Public Sale

  • Start- 10th June 2018
  • Ends- 10th July 2018

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token- SVN
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Accepts- ETH
  • Price- 1 SVN= $0.05
  • Supply- 400,000,000
  • Tokens for sale- 240,000,000
  • Hard cap- $12,000,000
  • KTC Requirement- YES
  • Restrictions- the USA, China, and Singapore

Token Distribution

  • 60%- Token Sale
  • 20%- Team
  • 10%- Advisors and Partners
  • 5%- Marketing ambassador program
  • 5% -Acquisition Fund

Use Of Proceeds

  • 40%- Development and Security
  • 30%- Analytics Department
  • 20%- Marketing and Business Development
  • 5%- Operations
  • 5%- Legal

Svandis Conclusion

Unlike traditional markets, cryptocurrency requires constant updates on the ever-changing figures. Overall, Svandis is offering a next-generation tool to allow traders and investors to stay ahead in their strategies. However, while analytical tool does play an integral part of fundamental analysis but the determining sentiment will rely on the individual. Still, Svandis remains a great tool that any crypto trader should check out.

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