What Is Svper?

Svper is a social networking app that allows users to communicate with those in their area exclusively through short video messages; the company ultimately hopes that the platform will encourage more real-life interaction than existing social media outlets.

The app will be available through a “freemium” model; its basic invitation and reply features will cost nothing, but its more advanced capacities will require payment with the service's internal cryptocurrency, the SVP token. While the company's goal of stimulating real-life interaction is interesting, it's unclear whether the app will appeal to a wide enough variety of regular users to be sustainable.

The Svper Team

Svper's whitepaper identifies 23 current team members, as well as seven advisors. The team's two founders have worked for over 20 years for a company called Niatran Invest Holding, which specializes in online marketing and business incubation.

Svper has gained a relatively large audience on social media, with over 17,000 group members on Telegram and 13,000 followers on Facebook. However, the project doesn't seem to have received much coverage from online publications aside from those that gather press releases about ICOs.

How Svper Blockchain Instant Meeting Socializing Online Works

Svper's sole product will be a smartphone app that will allow users to post real-time video messages with captions, which will be broadcast to other users who are in the same area. Users can then view each others' messages and reply to those who they're interested in meeting in person. Unlike most social media platforms, the app includes no profiles or pictures; it is entirely aimed at stimulating face-to-face interactions.

Svper's platform allows users to create both informal personal invitations and larger public gatherings. Users can then RSVP to invitations, search for and video chat with other users, and even find invitations outside of their area if they plan on traveling.

The app will also be integrated with commercial events, such as concerts and festivals, and will partner with established ticket vendors to promote these events. Users who invite others to these commercial events will be rewarded through the platform's “Influencer and Referral Program” with SVP tokens.

The first version of Svper’s app won't be released until the end of 2018. The company is very ambitious in its estimated user numbers: it believes that it will attract 5 million users within just a few months of its launch, and then 18 million by the end of 2019. However, the company's growth estimates could be realistic because it is heavily focused on international expansion.

Svper SVP Token ICO Details

A total of 1 billion SVP tokens will be created, 700 million of which will be sold during the crowdsale. The remaining 300 million will be kept by the development team and advisors for marketing, operation costs, and payment. Developers' allocations will be locked for two years, while advisors' are locked for only six months.

The SVP token's private sale will run from June 18th to August 27th, 2018, and its pre-ICO will run from August 28th to September 30th. During the private sale and pre-ICO, customers will receive significant discounts: 55% during the invitation-only private sale, then between 30% and 5% for the pre-ICO depending on how early they buy. No discount is available during the regular ICO, which will run from October 1st to 31st; during this time, tokens cost the standard price of 0.06 Euros.

The SVP token is ERC-20 compliant, so buyers must use a compatible wallet to store their funds, but the tokens can be bought using Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, and fiat currency. Buyers must also register with PELIKAN, a service that completes know-your-customer verifications.

Svper Verdict On Svper

Svper is a promising idea that isn't too far off from existing services, and if it is able to meet its goal of stimulating meaningful real-life interactions, it could become widely popular.

However, it will be critically important that the service gains enough users to simply be fun, and its use of the freemium model means it must walk a delicate line of drawing customers in with free content while inspiring them to purchase the more advanced features. Investors interested in the SVP token should closely monitor the platform's popularity and consider that, according to its roadmap, the platform will be in ongoing development for at least a year.

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