Swarm Fund SWN ICO Review

Swarm Fund is a decentralized marketplace that democratizes investment activities by use of blockchain technology. Using this technology the platform can provide high return alternative investments to smaller investors by use of asset-backed funds using tokens.

The mission of the platform is to democratize finance allowing every investor to share in the opportunities and the best deals rather than leaving this to the rich.

Current Financial Investments Challenges

The current financial system often goes to a hype circle that makes the rich wealthier and does not deliver real value. For small investors, finding products that have high investment returns is difficult. Most of these investments require the client to have a minimum amount of investible assets. Additionally, the most exciting deals are for insiders or those who have large amounts of money to invest.

The current investment landscape for cryptocurrencies is also limited to a few known coins or recently issued altcoins, and the investment platform is often faced with the volatility challenge of the coins. Further, most investors do not have a good understanding of the market dynamics of the coins when they invest in them.

How The Swarm Platform Addresses These Challenges

The Swarm model seeks to bring $1 trillion real assets into the blockchain world by coming up with an infrastructure that allows for regulated engagement and a compliant legal platform for profitable and scalable assets.

The platform allows for the inclusiveness of smaller investors in exclusive investment options such as hedge and equity funds. The platform also provides access to funding managers to more capital from a new asset class of investors looking for access to an institutional type of investment. The investment vehicles on the platform include distressed real estate fund, crypto hedge fund, and solar energy fund.

Swarm Infrastructure

The members of the platform govern the platform’s infrastructure and can access it. It uses smart contracts that are open source. The smart contracts allow the market infrastructure to provide for funds creation, fundraising, deployment, distribution, and reporting using a unique processing language. The platform is a stake weighted liquid democratic organization. This allows for long-term decision-making input by the members.

This is further backed by a reputational system that can be used to streamline the deployment of capital and allow for the fusion of artificial and human intelligence. The platform allows for the forwarding of proposals, buying of stakes, and the allocation of capital to projects.

The Swarm Fund SWN ICO Token

The Swarm token known as SWARM is a standard ERC20 on the Ethereum platform. The token has a two-tire token model whereby the first layer allows access to the sub-tokens and the governance technology of the Swarms platform. The second layer includes the financial opportunities that are open to the investors that are possible due to the Swarm utility network (SUN). The use of the services is done on the SUN.

Buying the Swarm tokens allows one to be a member of the Swarm network. Other uses of the token include:

  • Ability to create sub-funds on the platform
  • Get exclusive information on the network
  • Execute the networks governance processes

The token is available on the public blockchain, and there are unlimited sub-tokens on the private blockchain. The sub-tokens are backed by profitable sub-funds.

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