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The essence of the blockchain technology is the present-day commerce sector, particularly the supply chain, is becoming way too important to ignore. Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin and other digital currencies, is revolutionizing the supply chain tremendously because it eliminates intermediaries in the chain.

Every party to the consignment gets to see each transaction thanks to the digital ledger that enables proof of ownership and also, every transaction is chronologically recorded.

Sweetbridge’s Blockchain-Powered Protocol Stack for Worldwide Commerce – Why it’s Sustainable

Maybe you are wondering what this Sweetbridge Crypto Token is. It is a blockchain-based economic blueprint projected to transform supply chain and logistics relationships using fair, fast and flexible exchanges for its participants. It is a project by a Swiss-based NGO called Sweetbridge Foundation, and fundamentally, it will form the basis for the next generation of worldwide supply chain networks.

The Sweetbridge Foundation’s focus on creating market-focused ecosystems for decentralized, blockchain-based solutions is ground-breaking, but isn’t new. It aims to use the now-effective technology to lower the transactions that hamper business in mega global supply chains. It is almost the same approach as that of IBM-Maersk pilot program.

To better understand this, you just have to look at the blockchain pilot program involving Maersk and IBM. T-Mining, another company, trying out the technology in logistics to eliminate fictitious pickups, is still piloting its own. But the two projects are highly expected to be a success, though preliminary results haven’t been documented just yet.

Blockchain technology is Business to Business supply chain management seem to have taken off as shown by Provenance. In enhancing tracing of food and drugs, the UK-based software startup has decided to give it a test using Tuna harvested and shipped from Indonesia to Japan. But a more audacious vision lies with Kouvala Innovation, an approach whereby pallets with RFID tags communicate while carriers “mine” applications as a way of bidding to move a consignment.

In a Nutshell, From the Whitepaper

The primary lure is the fact that Sweetbridge’s idea will offer something popular cryptocurrencies may never provide – a stable token that will be used as a transactional currency. The currency will be used for personal lending, transactional trade as well as Business to Business transactions. And without the frenzy and excitements associated with the volatile cryptocurrencies, Sweetbridge’s token will undoubtedly be dull and boring.

However, given that it’s going to stick to the US dollar, it will not lose its value. In fact, it is this currency’s stability that will eventually sustain transactions of the supply chains in the future.

Benefits of the Sweetbridge Crypto Token

  • Low-cost banking.
  • Interest-free loans.
  • Unregulated trade for individuals and businesses.
  • Collateralization of the standard supply chain.

About the Sweetbridge Crowdsale and Sweetcoin Token Details

If you would like to be a member of the Sweetbridge economy, you must own Sweetcoin tokens, currently available for purchase at the crowdsale. The first token called Bridgecoin (BRC) serve as a liquidity token for exchange with fiat currency. The second token, SWC, will, however, offer access to services that aren’t chargeable as well as interest-free loans. Sweetcoin is ERC-20 token, and there are 100,000,000 of them.

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