What Is SwftCoin?

SwftCoin is a cross-border platform that allows users to transfer cryptocurrency in just one click. The platform integrates artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain, making it an outstanding platform.

The platform seeks to solve the challenges that the industry is facing currently such as high investment risks due to currency fluctuations, inadequate market depth, low inventory capacities, and inefficient transfer processes. It efficiently hedges risks and provides its users with a user-friendly interface for performing transactions.

How SwftCoin Blockchain Platform, Mobile App Works

Swftcoin’s main objective is to build an integrated trading platform that will improve the efficiency of cryptocurrency market by providing cryptocurrency transfer services that are safe, inexpensive, and compact.

The transfer services of the platform are accessible through the website or mobile APP. Transfers are fast and convenient on the platform and this solves the problem of insufficient market depth and limitations during currency transfers. Besides, it is affordable due to the AI algorithms and cross-chain technology that it utilizes. Through the AI algorithms, the platform can efficiently allocate digital assets, which guarantees digital monetary preservation.

SwftCoin Benefits


Its token is decentralized. Therefore, its existence does not rely on the stability of external organizations such as financial institutions.


SwftCoin does not involve transactions using fiat. Therefore, its transactions are faster and more convenient.

Protection From Fiat Regulatory Risks

Swftcoin provides the Over-The-Counter (OTC) market with a robust cryptocurrency for settlement and transparency in order to avoid any fiat regulatory risks.

Unified Currency

Swftcoin provides cross-border payment companies and financial institutions with a unified currency, which guarantees secure transactions. It also provides a common ground during transfers using different digital currencies.


Token holders can use the SwftCoin on transfer platforms and OTC markets, which will warrant them more discounts.


Swftcoin can be transferred which provides sufficient liquidity for transaction fees.

SwftCoin SWFTC  Token ICO Details

The platform will distribute its tokens—the SwftCoin, through the Initial Token Sale. Funds collected during the token sale will be used to support the development of the platform and grow the SwftCoin tokens.

The recommended payment method for transactions on the platform is the SwftCoin. It’s also the only payment method for service fees on the platform. SwftCoin is decentralized Ethereum based and with a compliance to ERC-20 token standards. It performs similar functions as other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum. The coins are purchasable on major token exchange platforms or on the SWFT transfer platform. Users can also acquire the coins on blockchain platforms through a transparent and irreversible process.


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