SwipeCrypto – SWC ICO Mobile Lockscreen Advertising Blockchain?

SwipeCrypto is a blockchain protocol for mobile lockscreen advertising. Find out how it works today in our SwipeCrypto review.

What Is SwipeCrypto?

SwipeCrypto, found online at, wants to bring advertising to the mobile lockscreen. The platform already serves 10 million impressions per month in the Philippines and Indonesia. Now, using blockchain technology, SwipeCrypto wants to maximize brand exposure and transparency to push their platform forward.

The goal of SwipeCrypto is to deliver better mobile advertisements to users. The company’s whitepaper explains how current advertising models are ineffective because the ads are displayed on the side or as banner ads, which makes it difficult to capture a user’s true attention.

SwipeCrypto plans to solve this problem using a decentralized mobile lockscreen advertising solution.

How Does SwipeCrypto Work?

SwipeCrypto is a blockchain technology built on top of an existing advertising platform called SwipeRich. SwipeRich is the platform mentioned above that serves 10 million monthly impressions in the Philippines and Indonesia.

SwipeCrypto uses blockchain technology and a digital token to reward mobile users for viewing the advertisement.

Instead of viewing advertisements when you visit a browser page or watch a video online, SwipeCrypto will deliver ads onto your lockscreen. Every time you turn on your phone, you’ll see an ad on your lockscreen. For most users, the lockscreen just appears for a second or two while your fingerprint scans, or while you enter your PIN. SwipeCrypto and SwipeRich was designed to give companies easy exposure directly to consumers’ eyes when they know consumers are looking.

Why would users install an advertising app onto the lockscreen? Users are rewarded for installing the app. In exchange for viewing an advertisement every time they open the lock screen, users will receive tokens.

What Problems Does SwipeCrypto Seek To Solve?

SwipeCrypto aims to solve crucial problems in the advertising industry, including:

No Transparency: Facebook and Google have a duopoly over the international advertising economy. There’s limited transparency in how either company works, and advertisers pay higher prices because of this duopoly.

Advertising Fraud is Real: Fraud is always a problem in digital advertising. Bots are used to manipulate clicks or views, leaving advertisers, companies, and publishers with missed opportunities and inefficiencies.

Users Don’t Receive a Reward for Engaging with an Advertisement: Today, we see advertisements every time we use the internet. However, we never receive a reward for engaging with those advertisements.

SwipeCrypto And The SWC Token

The SwipeCrypto ecosystem revolves around the use of the SWC token. The token is an ERC20-compliant token on the Ethereum blockchain.

The token will be used as an in-app payment transfer. Aside from that, however, we know relatively little about the token or how it works.

Benefits Of SwipeCrypto

SwipeCrypto offers benefits for publishers, advertisers, and mobile users.

How Does SwipeCrypto Work?

SwipeCrypto relies on all of the following platforms in order to work:

X-Swipe Ad-Engine: The X-Swipe advertising engine uses AI to match advertisement content with the right publisher’s audience through advanced targeting. The engine uses advanced data like user demographic information, user app profiling, time and location, digital behavior (like their usage of other apps, social media preferences, bot traffic, brute force, IP blacklist, etc.), interests, user connectivity/network, and more.

SwipeDK: SwipeCrypto’s Android library/SDK enables the publisher’s app to display advertisements on the lockscreen. SwipeDK will carry out functions like serving advertising to mobile lockscreens with the publisher’s app, collecting advertising engagement data like impressions and clicks, and providing an in-app SWC virtual wallet.

Marketplace SDK: SwipeCrypto’s marketplace allows publishers to list and sell their digital/physical goods as an additional revenue source.

Blockchain-based Distributed Ledger: The blockchain is responsible for providing an immutable source of advertising-related information, including a smart contract for ad-slots purchased by advertisers, lockscreen engagement transactions like impressions, click streams, installs, user demographics, digital profile, etc., reward distribution between publishers and users, and the conversion of user rewards into a publisher’s in-app currency or point system.

Who’s Behind SwipeRich?

SwipeCrypto is being developed by Singapore’s SwipeRich. The company is led by CEO and CTO Andrew Marchen, CFO Clifford Lim, CCO Kuay Chong Sean, and COO Iyan Waer.

SwipeCrypto Features

SwipeCrypto offers all of the following features:

SwipeRich Lockscreen Ads: Place ads on the lockscreen of a mobile user’s device.

Blockchain Powered: SwipeCrypto uses blockchain and smart contracts to bring transparency and accountability to address trust and ad-fraud issues in digital advertising.

Lockscreen SDK Integration: SwipeCrypto’s lockscreen SDK can be integrated to any Android app publishers with just a simple line of code.

SWC Token Rewards: SWC tokens are transacted within the ecosystem. Advertisers use tokens to pay for the ad slot, and publishers and users receive tokens as rewards.

Smart Targeting: SwipeCrypto’s targeting engine uses AI to match content with the right publishers and audience through advanced targeting and multi-variate analysis.

Proven Implementation: SwipeCrypto’s SwipeRich serves 10 million ad impressions per month in the Philippines and Indonesia. The team has launched AGILA Rewards in the Philippines and Cepatswipe in Indonesia to provide lockscreen advertising in partnership with mobile leaders.

SwipeCrypto Conclusion

SwipeCrypto is a blockchain technology built on top of SwipeRich, an existing lockscreen-based advertising platform. You can install SwipeCrypto, then get rewarded every time you unlock your smartphone. Meanwhile, businesses can use SwipeCrypto’s advertising platform to put ads directly in front of consumers’ eyes when they know consumers are looking.

It’s an interesting concept. SwipeRich already has 10 million impressions per month in the Philippines and Indonesia – so they’ve proven the lockscreen-based advertising system can work. Now, with SwipeCrypto, the company aims to show how blockchain technology can improve the transparency and efficiency of advertising.

You can learn more about SwipeCrypto by visiting the company online at

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