Swissport’s New Method for Handling Cargo and Passenger Services- Blockchain

It seems that the shipping, telecom, and various other industries are adopting blockchain technology for various tasks. Now, the airline industry is getting in on the action as well – in particular, Swissport, a Swiss aviation companies.

Swissport is not alone in the project, but rather, it is working on the pilot project with Olam, another Swiss non-profit foundation that is developing an open-source platform for the supply chain. Further, Olam is known for its utilization of distributed ledger technology for the purpose of storing shipment information and promoting smart contracts to record changes in custody. The smart contracts are also used to represent contractual agreements between companies in a supply chain. According to Hendrik Leyssens, the head of global cargo operations at Swissport, “Thinking beyond traditional messaging, blockchain could eventually become the new standard allowing us to overcome the chronic lack of transparency, which is typical for fragmented supply chains.”

Blockchain may also be able to speed up transactions, it may enhance transaction security and at the same time unlock cost savings.”

In addition to cargo handling, Swissport is considering adopting the technology for a blockchain-based travel distribution platform. This project is in conjunction with Winding Tree.

Winding Tree is another non-profit Swiss company that is based on the Winding Tree Foundation. The company has worked to develop a platform for connecting suppliers with sellers. For instance, it may be able to connect hotels and airlines with travel agencies, and all this takes place in a single marketplace by removing layers of intermediation. Together, the companies will be able to jointly explore the potential of distributing existing travel services and offers by Swissport.

Accordingly, one of the companies stated,

“We want to get familiar with such technologies early in the innovation cycle and partner with technology leaders to explore its potential in our business for a variety of use cases.”

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