What Is SwissRealCoin Switzerland Real Estate Crypto?

Currently, the real market is characterized by intransparency as well as inefficiency, two aspects that are impeding the sector from fulfilling its enormous potential. The Swiss Real Coin (SRC) aims to radically transform the properties development industry by integrating blockchain technology, a move that will enhance transparency, integrity and affordability.

Across the globe Switzerland is renowned for its economic and political stability, factors that will undoubtedly offer optimum conditions for the SRC project to thrive. In this regard, the Swiss real estate sector has shown resilience to financial crises in the past. The SRC platform is governed by experts from both real estate and tech industries, and is fully compliant to set regulations.

Blockchain Technology Meets Real Estate

Swiss Real Coin envisages a world where blockchain technology augmented by intellectual property will run the real estate sector. Consequently, the time and resources that would otherwise be used during transfer of ownership using traditional systems is saved. Therefore, blockchain technologies will substantially the speed of transactions within this industry.

Every SRC token holder is entitled to an improved asset management after the incorporation of blockchain technology. Properties will be easily accessible to users via the mobile or online dashboard. As a result, members will be able to regularly keep tabs on tenancy and vacancies.

SRC intends to reach new heights through the adoption of blockchain technology. The ecosystem will feature automated business processes as well as smart contracts. Thus, it will create a host of investment opportunities in addition to setting a precedent for other institutions to emulate.

SwissRealCoin Propositions

Direct Asset Link –

SRC members will have access to the stable Swiss commercial property industry. This stability is transferred to SRC token’s market value, meaning it will have reduced chances of plummeting.

Full Liquidity –

As mentioned earlier the real estate sector is marred with intransparency and ineffectiveness. Also, directly linked assets often require substantial financial backing. In addition full liquidity, SRC shall update members on the status of the real estate projects.

Access To A Safe Haven –

Switzerland is globally acclaimed for its impressive economic stability. Naturally, it offers the most conducive environment for the thriving of an auspicious project such as SRC.

Disruptive Technology –

SRC intends to utilize blockchain technology to counter issues facing real estate industry, including transparency, effectiveness and unnecessarily high costs.

Seasoned Professionals –

SRC is under the stewardship of industry veterans who strive to uphold virtues such as integrity and professionalism and are above all committed to ensuring the project achieves its objectives.

SwissRealCoin SRC Token ICO Details

During the ICO, a total of 150,000,000 will be produced. The price of each token is expected to be equivalent to 1CHF, although early participants are likely to get discounts. The crowdsale will run from May 23rd to June 13th, 2018.

SwissRealCoin Roadmap

SRC was conceived last year and has since made significant steps regarding is development. After the ICO, the project will move onto expansion of coverage area, with the first phase covering Germany and the greater European continent. This trend will continue until SRC becomes a global force.

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