What Is Switcoin?

Switcoin is a blockchain-based social network spoken with the capability to match users with similar interests to their appropriately targeted market for better user advertising opportunities. Switcoin will also work as a utility token to monetize the social meet up within this social media app and hopefully build up connections between users.

Switcoin will accomplish these functions through the following practical layers:

  • Switcoin blockchain- with its blockchain, Switcoin will facilitate a much secure and seamless process of transacting between the users
  • Ecosystem- the Switcoin ecosystem will feature selected partners in search of advertising opportunities within the food and restaurant industry
  • Social Media App- Switcoin plan to revolutionize the mode of socializing among members of the society by providing the Social Media app for connecting and interacting with like-minded individuals
  • Advertising network- the location-based ad network works under the mobile application to ensure an efficient ad targeting process

How Switcoin Blockchain Fast Food Ad Network Project Works

The Switcoin mobile application forms the core of the advertising niche within the ecosystem. App users earn directly through the fast food advertisements based on their respective locations. The process will involve the user meeting at the predefined area, confirming through the mobile app from where the advertisement partner establishes and awards the task with Euro, Pound, and dollar or get Switcoin in the e-wallet. That is only after both parties meet at the specified location and take part in scanning each other’s QR code to confirm the completion of the tasks.

Switcoin Features

  • The Proof of Authority algorithm works on a consensus protocol thus securing the whole blockchain advertising ecosystem
  • Under the Ethereum protocol, the Switcoin network will provide for a faster transaction time by reducing the block time
  • The PoA protocol also allows for a less computationally intensive process which ultimately means an energy efficient operation
  • The Switcoin PoA model leaves no room for mining meaning the token generates an autonomous value appreciation
  • Under the decentralized structure, Switcoin will allow for an in-built governance mechanism where ad publishers and validators undergo application processes


Switcoin SWIT Token & ICO Details


  • The first phase- runs from 12th May-26th May 2018, with a 100% bonus rate for each issue (200 coin=$1)
  • The second phase- starts on 26th May 2018 till 9th June 2018, at a 75% bonus rate (175 coins=$1)

ICO Sale Plan

  • 1st Week-30th of June – 7th of July 2018(150 coins per USD 1)
  • 2nd Week- 7th – 14th of July 2018(140 coins per USD 1)
  • 3rd Week- 14th – 21st of July 2018(130 coins per USD 1)
  • 4th Week- 21st – 28th of July 2018(120 coins per USD 1)
  • 5th Week- 28th of July – 4th of August 2018(110 coins per USD 1)
  • Last Week- 4th – 11th of August 2018(100 coins per USD 1)

Token Details

  • Ticker- SWIT
  • Accepts-BTC, ETH
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Price rate-1 SWIT= 0.01 USD
  • Supply for sale- 70,000,000 SWIT (70%)

ICO Funds Distribution

  • Marketing-40%
  • Sales and partnerships-12%
  • Development-30%
  • Legal Fees-10%
  • Intergration-5%
  • Others-3

Switcoin Conclusion

Switcoin is one venture that has found the potential application of blockchain-based technology into the world of digital advertising. Through their autonomous platform, the advertising industry gets to reconnect, socialize and earn from their respective activities. Irrespective of the role, Switcoin is sure to provide the much-needed change in the advertising sector.

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