Switzerland Wants To Become Bitcoin, Blockchain & Crypto Country Of The World

Switzerland Wants To Become Bitcoin, Blockchain & Crypto Country Of The World

The blockchain is the next big thing in the market. Almost every country knows its potential and they are liking the fact that how it helps the country’s economy to rise. On the other hand, Switzerland government also believes the same as other countries do that it will be good for the economy and its people according to one of the articles which were published by Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education, and Research.

Switzerland To Favor Blockchain Technology

The blockchain technology should not be just restricted to its users but it is very necessary that the awareness must be created to the public including schools. For that, it is also necessary that a representative should always be there to give an expert opinion about blockchain technology. A proper research team and professors should be set up to gain continuous knowledge about Blockchain.

So, there is a concern for blockchain as it runs on a platform from where one can break the security which can be very harmful to the economy as the companies will back out of the market.

The Blockchain has its own positive sides but at the same time, all the countries are waiting for the others to start with this technology as it’s a new technology and everyone is learning by experimenting with it. After a few years maybe Blockchain technology will be handled with ease but for now, it is still complicated.

Switzerland government is leaving the decision on its people as it is announced that there is a voting system going to take place where the people of Switzerland will decide about the Blockchain technology to run or not. This way it will also create awareness among people and they will choose it wisely.

This is the first open policy taken by the government related to the crypto market and blockchain technology and will see in future what will be the result and how the country is evolving.