The products from Symatri harness the power of word of mouth marketing by connecting businesses and influential people globally via a revolutionary system. The concept of symmetry, from which the company derives its name, has appeal throughout the world. Symmetry simply provides us with a sense of balance.

With the help of the three products from Symatri, they have been able to create a balanced system that is ideal for businesses and customers. With these three products working in harmony, businesses will be able to see conversion rates that are above industry standards.

About the Three Products From Symatri

The company developed CORE and Reach and tested them with one client in a niche demographic using Nui. This MLM Company has over 300 thousand members in more than 140 countries. Because of network marketing, they were able to reach diverse markets with a speed that went well above other partnerships. This way, they could be able to start testing the system as soon as possible.

This system can be licensed for other businesses. In 2018, Symatri also has plans to launch Donee, where non-profits clients can rely on Reach, CORE, and Kala for fundraising purposes. In 2018, Symatri plans to open Free and Premium members. This will be able to take part directly in the Symatri program.

The Kala token was launched with an ITO that started on November 27, 2017. Kala is a token open to all, and not just the Nui Members. The ITO will end on March 15, 2018. After the final audit, the Kala tokens will be issued to all that bought into the token. Soon after, they will be used to make purchases on Reach.

About CORE

CORE refers to Compensation on Real Effort. This system rewards customers for the effort they put in. Members will be given various simple marketing activities that are easy to complete and access via their tablet, phones, or computers. The consumers will be then connected to a business, where they are required to offer their feedback. The members will be rewarded for their time and opinion.

New targeted offers are released each day to keep things engaging for members. For a business, this is a great way for them to connect with a target market. Each member of CORE has to take part in a short survey that helps identify his or her demographics and interests. With this information, the CORE team can create activities in which they are eager to participate.

About Reach

Reach is the marketplace where participants of CORE can redeem or spend the points they have earned from CORE. On Reach, you can access a wide array of services and products. Everything on Reach has been tailored so that it can meet the needs of members. Besides that, they are always adding products and services to the marketplace. Once they integrate Kala to Reach, the Members will also be able to purchase products and services using Kala.

About Kala

Kala is ethereum-based tokens that integrate into the Symatri ecosystem with ease. These tokens have inherent value right from the start.

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