What Is Symetria?

Symetria is a new cryptocurrency wallet and exchange that has appeared on our radar. It promises to give you the ultimate security without sacrificing performance at any moment. The company was created to become a different product among a sea of products that are not so good.

According to Symetria, crypto exchanges are generally lacking transparency, speed and difficult to use. The company states that many of them act unilaterally without clear fees and direct communication with its clients, which often causes frustration. Also, they ask for long verification periods and you have to wait more than 20 minutes to make transactions.

Another issue that the company has defined as very common is a bad interface. Some crypto exchanges make vital functions very hard to actually see and require dozens of steps for the most simple transactions.

Symetria’s goal is to offer a solutions for all this. It uses the blockchain to give clarity to its clients and make instant trades, which are aided by an interface which was designed specially to offer the best user experience to the client.

Symetria Cryptocurrency Wallet & Secure Exchange Features

The company has developed many features to attract clients and the most important of them is the personal blockchain. By having its own decentralized personal blockchain, you can have an extra layer of security using Symetria. This happens because the transactions also happen on a third blockchain instead of only happening on the external ones.

You will also get a cryptographic receipt whenever you trade, so you do not need to go to the blockchain explorer and see if the transaction was successful, as you will have a proof of the transactions that you will be able to easily see and understand.

The personal blockchain also has a “replay security system”. This system audits every transaction made on the blockchain and ensures that it was as planned. If something ever goes wrong, the system is able to quickly fix the problem.

Symetria will have a multi-coin wallet that will support different types of tokens and will have a very handy feature: instant connection with ICOs. If you want to invest in an Initial Coin Offering, you will be able to do from your own wallet.

The company, concerned about flexibility, has developed a system in which you will be able to send cryptos via email or SMS to people who are new users. They will receive instructions on how to set up a wallet and will be able to use the tokens that you have sent to them.

There is no need to create an account on Symetria, it is completely optional. You can trade only by using your wallet if you want to.

Who Is Behind Symetria?

Symetria was co-founded by three people with an interest in cryptocurrencies and technology. Josh Lang acts as the CEO, Adnan Abdel Razzak is the COO and Erin Lang is the head of business development.

The company also presents two other important members of the company that work so that Symetria can always have an excellent interface and community: Simon Vieira (design director) and Edmung Ng (community manager).

Symetria Conclusion

While it will hardly become one of the major exchanges in the market, it is clear to us that Symetria puts considerable more effort into its presentation and systems than many of the new exchanges that we find do.

The market is overcrowded with choices, so it was a smart move from the company to actually create features that make its systems different from other companies so it can stand out among the crowd.

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