For ages, content creators and publishers have been looking for more lucrative and sensible ways to promote and monetize their content. Existing solutions can sometimes leave a lot to be desired, and a lot of content creators actually suffer due to the time and effort it takes to master the operation of advertising networks and monetization platforms.

By trying to create an economy layer on the Internet that is focused mainly on creative, informative content, Synereo has laid the groundwork of the system that can definitely serve independent content creators and publishers who depend on the Internet to make their living in the long term, by implementing the kind of monetization platform that people need.

The vision of the project definitely brings a lot of things to the right track, and this is an exciting development for content curators who are looking for new monetization platforms that can help them achieve the results that they desperately need.

Synereo Unique Features

The whole premise of the Synereo project is to be able to create a monetization platform that rewards the attention generated by particular pieces of content.

Attention is the most important part of this equation, and to properly understand and gauge the concept of attention and to quantify it in a manner that helps the process of monetization.

Synereo has plans underway to incorporate the system that can pull attention data from different parts of the Internet and collect it in one place, thereby being able to quantify the attention factor and help content creators and curators get monetization features that they require based on the kind of attention that they can generate.

Synereo Innovative Monetization

The focus of the Synereo platform is to provide content creators, publishers and distributors with the right model of monetizing engaging, creative content without having to resort to aggressive advertisement or promotion.

The process of monetization is based on the kind of attention that content can generate on the Internet, and the platform is essentially a place where content creators can get rewarded for what they create and how much buzz they can generate.

This unique monetization model takes away quite a lot of the hurdles that content creators and publishers have to face routinely when using traditional monetization techniques and networks, and has the potential to become a unified and consistent solution that can allow for better content to be created across the board.

Synereo Has Something for All

Another important feature of the Synereo platform is that it has the option to offer incentives to all participants.

While content creators can generate revenue based on the attention that they provide, users of the Internet who do not create content but are instrumental in increasing the attention of popular content through sharing and curating, can also get a slice of the pie.

By promoting the work of content creators and receiving rewards, there is added incentive for people to create the right kind of attention which can drive the system, making the system entirely self-sufficient without the need for any outside interference.

Synereo Road Ahead

Moving forward, the Synereo platform has a clearly laid out plan of expansion and establishing their interesting and unique system of monetization through the implementation of different platforms and algorithms.

Content creators and curators who are interested in the system can have a firsthand look at the processes and techniques involved by signing up for the public beta, which can be done by simply filling a form at the website. Overall, this is one system that can revolutionize the world of monetization for content on the Internet in the long run.

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