Syntera is a new platform that designed to gain massive interest in the sharing economy as a platform that accomplishes feats we will discuss that no other cryptocurrency has been able to do. The token sale starts on the 1st of April. As far as the private sale goes, Syntera finished the entire sale in the first hour. They are one of the most watched platforms in cryptocurrency history. And they haven’t even started yet.

Let’s talk about how things work for a few seconds. Example, to start with Uber, you need a verified driver’s license. To become a participant in Air bnb, you need to fill out an application and verify some pieces of information. But if you want to join Syntera, the only thing you need to do is sign up to the system and instantly you become the part of a much larger community. And in this community, all important decisions are made by the whole.

How Does Syntera Work?

Syntera is a platform that is built on the business model of the sharing economy for format, style and method of operation, backed by the blockchain technology. Each member on the system can look for help and resources that will help them become aware of their own personal needs, wants and financial goals.

The platform uses the values from within the sharing economy that are powered by smart contracts. The platform can be used to create instant online stores that can easily match the right buyer with the right seller. And it’s all based on the blockchain system, accomplished its private sale in the first hour.

The economy of sharing is a social-economical system that is based on the value of sharing and group consumption. It also is a massive industry with a current volume of assets equal to around $15 million and by the end of 2025, it’s projected to be more than $300 billion.

The company is taking a massive step into the industry and has even recently held an event in Singapore, where they met at a very popular for a meeting and invited some of the wealthiest business men in the world. The event had more than just people of business, there were also investors as well as some high-level marketers from countries in Europe and Asia.

The main goal of the event was to get the biggest influencers to help promote and share the economy by way of the blockchain technology. And what ended up happening wat astounding, there were more than 800 people who joined the platform.

Syntera In Conclusion

And that is how the private sale was completed in just one hour. Now the public ICO is ready to begin in just a couple days, and it’s likely they’ll have similar results like they did at their private launch.

Right now, is the best time to buy tokens from Syntera at the beginning of their ICO and Token Sale. It’s projected the price of their coin will go up every day.

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