Synthetic AI ICO looks to create a venture to connect brands and consumers through blockchain solutions involving Chatbot that will enable an innovative conversation among the participants. The goal is to create a direct communication channel between the brands and their respective consumers which in turn would help deliver better involvement in the different industries.

Additionally, the proposition looks to utilize the best technology in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing technology and blockchain technology to create an electronic conversation agency network of virtual assistant well-versed in whatever industry is available.

The Synthetic AI Solutions

Under Synthetics AI concept, the structural solutions comprise of:

TradePal AI Concierge

TradePal AI Concierge operates as an instant information source that provides the best opportunities from the crypto markets. The wide range of functionalities that come with the AI Concierge feature will give better delivery of information while also accommodating personalized outputs by whoever drives the market.

Synthetic AI Community

The go-to place for the best and most trusted projects related to AI & automation. Here you will be able to find innovative project that is professionally vetted by trusted members from the community and you will have multiple options to choose only in the ones that you love the most. One of the main goals for the platform is to attract innovative AI projects and build trust in the SYNT ecosystem. The platform will have another layer of vetting based on technical AI experts that will analyze and rate specific areas from each project to build trust inside the community

SyntheticsAI Blockchain AI Market Business Reports Benefits

  • Stay in touch with the latest updates that are relevant to your crypto portfolio
  • Gather intelligence from the most trusted channels and social feeds and analyze them to provide the best insight related to the market emotion
  • Continuously improve and adapt to match user needs with the built-in NLP system
  • Use SYNT tokens and subscribe to more advanced functionalities always on your favorite communication channel
  • Purchase cryptocurrency with only voice or chat in under 1 minute if you are new to the market, tradepal will offer you beginner tutorials and introductory videos
  • Get updates on the latest projects
  • Community vetting through SYNT
  • Professional members from the community audits projects
  • The main feed will have a ranking algorithm based on trust and popularity

SyntheticsAI SYNT Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker- SYNT
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Price-1 SYNT= $0.04
  • Total supply- 500,000,000 SYNT
  • Accepts- ETH
  • Supply for sale- 275,000,000 SYNT

Token Distribution

  • Token sale- 55%
  • Company- 25%
  • Bounty- 10%
  • Advisors- 5%
  • Team- 5%

SyntheticsAI Conclusion

The rise of informatics is giving a focus on the need to stay ahead on seeking data. Such a scenario has led to an increase in convenience, informative routines such as voice assistants. Synthetics AI seeks to act in line with such a concept to create an informative, efficient source that gives insights on quality ICO projects.

Still the projects are far from becoming a leader at the forefront of innovative ICO ventures as there are already plenty of firms operating a similar idea. However, it remains imperative to keep in mind that there are plenty of positives and risks involved in investing in such revolutionary ventures.

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