TaaS to Join OSA DC to Bring a Global Consumer Platform Alive

TaaS, also referred to as Token-as-a-Service, has officially sided with OSA DC with the sole purpose of bringing their intertwined goals of enhancing blockchain-based solutions for the retail and supply chain industries. While the two firms involved take different stances on improving the chosen industry, the duo believes that the partnership can develop new approaches, bringing the largest retail community possible.

TaaS is the first-ever close-end fund that works towards developing and alleviating the cryptocurrency platform. Their service allows TaaS token holders to benefit from blockchain projects without having to worry so much about the risks and technical obstacles attached. Its platform is supposedly built on a profit-sharing smart contract that offers its token holders a portion of the capital gains. In addition, TaaS invests in start-ups as a way to help companies achieve their business goals.

According to the claims made, TaaS was first introduced to OSA DC during the D10E Conference Series, an event that brings together FinTech projects worldwide in a competition-like setting. This event was originally a collaboration between D10E and TaaS, where TaaS agreed to invest in “promising start-ups”. As for the winner of this event, it ended up being OSA DC, who took the first place.

Seeing OSA DC’s increased focus on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market and smart contracts, TaaS decided to make the first steps towards a possible partnership with the winning team. It is believed that TaaS was keener in OSA DC because of the great reach achieved by its mother company, OSA Hybrid Platform.

Both TaaS and OSA DC have expressed increased faith in one another. In particular, the Co-founder and President of TaaS, Ruslan Gavrilyuk, believes that the promises made by OSA DC are ones that TaaS values. Here is an extract:

“OSA DC promises major developments for the retail industry with global data marketplace and practical, real-time solutions to retailers, manufacturers and consumers… that focuses on supporting blockchain projects that will disrupt global industries.”

Alex Isaiev, Co-founder and Business Development Lead of OSA DC, also had a few words to share, as he was mainly impressed with TaaS’ quality help in making projects come to life. He also stated that his team is:

“confident that the organization’s assistance will help us to achieve a synergy with AI and blockchain that will truly disrupt the global retail industry.”

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  1. Have read a lot in the Media about the ideas of integrating technology of Block chain into retail but these guys are the first who try to bring it into life :)


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