With the immense popularity enjoyed by digital currency platforms in the last few years, this has become one of the best places to invest for smart investors.

However, there are multiple entry barriers when it comes to investing in digital currencies, and these are the things that often deter people from investing in this extremely lucrative business. There are a number of technical barriers, as well as limitations in investment instruments and lack of transparency in current solutions.

TaaS attempts to solve this problem by bringing digital currency investments to the masses. In essence, TaaS is a closed end fund that has been built to make investing in the world of digital currency a lot easier, and to overcome a lot of the hurdles that prevent people from doing so.

Tokenized and transparent, TaaS allows investors to invest in the blockchain space easily with the help of advanced features and improved functionality.

TaaS Special Features

When it comes to investing in the world of digital currency, the entry barriers can make things difficult very quickly. There is a distinct lack of market understanding among investors, and the little amount of regulation in the market can also be a turnoff.

TaaS tries to solve this problem by creating a fund that makes it easier for investors, even beginners in the world of digital currency, to invest in this extremely lucrative technology.

TaaS attempts to solve this problem by creating a comprehensive solution that can provide investors with all the right tools and techniques that can make investing in digital currencies easier, as well as important features that can help enhance security, enable investors to manage their portfolio intuitively, and allow for smart profit-sharing which can keep investors happy in the long run.

Full-Fledged Investment Platform

Although TaaS deals mainly with the digital currency platform, it is a feature-rich and complete investment solution, replete with features like derivatives, cross exchange arbitrage, cyclical investment over the long term and swing trading with the help of advanced algorithms.

These are the features that can make efficient and effective investment platforms standout, and can become some of the most important strengths of the TaaS platform.

Cryptographic Audit

One of the most important advantages of TaaS as a platform is its ingenious cryptographic audit functionality. This is essentially a set of monitoring tools, which can allow investors to validate trading activities on their own, without the need of any human intervention.

This can be a great method to validate different trading transactions, with very little security concerns and almost nonexistent chance of misuse of the system.

Kepler Platform

TaaS integrates a versatile, feature-rich investment monitoring platform that combines the power of excellent market research and analysis, monitoring of different investment objectives, risk and liquidity, order and trading management with seamless integration with most of the popular exchanges, and complete forecasting and performance overview solutions for efficient and effective portfolio management, making it one of the most powerful features of TaaS as a full-scale investment solution.


TaaS features an extremely simple sign-up process, and investors can immediately start investing by acquiring platform tokens, which make them eligible for the profit-sharing program. The user interface makes it extremely easy to navigate to different portions of the system, and look at different relevant information.

TaaS Summary

Overall, TaaS can be a wonderful investment platform in the world of digital currencies, especially for those who are uninitiated and those who have so far avoided this kind of investment because of the entry barriers.

With such a feature-rich and versatile solution, investing in digital currencies can be accomplished without any of the usual hassles, and great returns can be enjoyed.

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