What Is TAChain?

Tachain is a new blockchain-based platform that can be used to provide comprehensive and targeting services for commercial advertisers while at the same time guaranteeing full-security and complete use of its transportation application.

With its wide-ranging functionalities in use, the ecosystem is in a unique position to steer its mission towards providing a blockchain platform that is not only secure but also valid. Its mission is to ensure that its users get to have fun, as well as derive joy from it using its broad array of functions.

Technological Advancements

Technology has continued to evolve at a fast pace in the last few years. Some of the industries that have been greatly affected by these technological advancements include the advertising and transport sectors. Both sectors have experienced a major shift in technological jumps, some of which are today very evident.

The taxi market is today estimated to be worth 98 billion dollars, with the advertising market being worth more than 500 billion dollars. But despite the technological jumps that have been noticed, there is still no synergy between them.

And this is where Tachain comes in. Its primary goal is to innovate the advertising and transport industries. It hopes to be able to do this by being able to combine all its elements with the latest and most advanced technologies available in the market.

When this is complete, its platform should be able to widen the opportunities that are available for its applications users, as well as those available for advertisers.

The TAChain Targeted Advertising Blockchain Platform

The Tachain ecosystem is made up of various components functioning together. They include the following:

Transport App:

The application seeks to take accommodation and travel to a whole new level characterized by security and efficiency.


This is intended to be a top of the line platform that will be used by advertisers to reach out to new consumers. It will also be making use of the latest emerging technologies.


This is a token market where users can carry out trades for the tokens they currently have, as well as for any other cryptocurrencies that may be available in the market.

TAChain Tokenomics

Tachain has tokenized its entire platform in a bid to empower all its users to make use of it more often. It also hopes to be able to attract more companies to use the platform to sell its services and products. For this:

  • Transportation app users and providers will be able to earn tokens every time they travel
  • An advertiser will need to have tokens for them to be able to access the advertising platform and target users with ads
  • A platform user will be able to use tokens to pay for their rides. They can also use the tokens to pay in the marketplace to use them in an external exchange.
  • Users will also be able to earn tokens every time they watch an advert on the platform.

TAChain TCHN Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: TCHN
  • Token Sale Date: July 2018 – October 2018
  • Token Price: 1 TCHN = $0.01
  • Accepted Payment Method: ETH, BTC
  • Total Supply: 2,275,000,000 TCHN
  • Soft Cap: $2,000,000
  • Hard Cap: $ 10,000,000

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