Tainted Bitconnect Promoter Trevon James Says The Bitcoin Price Is Going To Zero

Trevon James, suspected to be behind the BitConnect scam says that this just like BitConnect even Bitcoin’s price will hit $0, but it might take about 10 years to do so.


BitConnect was a cryptocurrency investment platform that offered high returns to investors for their funds. Back in January, the company decided to close the exchange platform and give back the funds to the users. The company was accused of being a Ponzi scheme and a scam. For example, Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s co-founder called the exchange a Ponzi scheme.

James is believed to have stolen part of the funds of the BitConnect scam, which could be over a million dollars. He was a popular social influencer through his YouTube channel. Now he drives around Florida talking about investing in cryptos and gives advice to his followers about altcoins. He analyzes a few charts and says which cryptos he is bullish or bearish on. The following is his most recent video.


Although since Trevon was reputed, things have changed significantly in the crypto space. Scams have cleared out, governments have tightened regulations, institutions have shown more interest and people in the community have generally become a lot smarter.

Many people have called Trevor out in his Twitter thread. Understandably, for many people his opinions do not matter, as they feel betrayed by him.


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