TakeOff Review

While some ICOs represent startups that target a single project, a growing number of small blockchain-based businesses offer a variety of different platforms which investors can gain stock in through a single token. This crowdfunding method is gaining traction; investors seem interested in the concept of drawing financial success as a new company from several different sources.

What Is TakeOff?

TakeOff Technology is one such company. They offer three main products with their latest ICO, and investors can become involved in the development and profit of these projects through investment in the unique TKO token, a value-based currency created by the company.

Because of the nature of this particular ICO, it is necessary to analyze the three projects created by the company before diving into the details of the ICO which offers itself to potential investors. In the end, it is the viability of these projects that determines the subjective value assigned to the tokens, which will eventually be listed on major exchanges.

TakeOff Investment News & ICO Analysis Platform Components

TakeOff Search

TakeOff Search is the first component of the three-part system established for the TakeOff exchange. This search is supposed to allow investors to conduct sophisticated and highly specialized searches to find news to help facilitate their investments.

It is entirely unclear, however, how exactly the company plans to implement blockchain technology to make this idea a reality. The main website expands that the tool was developed to help investors begin to understand market trends essential to successful investment. However, the exact technical specifications are not mentioned.

The TakeOff Search could be a major asset, a unique advantage to a budding exchange in a competitive market. If the company is going to succeed, they need to be able to give consumers a reason to uniquely look to the TakeOff exchange, rather than default to major, big-name exchange websites.

This search system markets itself as the precise feature needed to put the company over the edge, giving them a competitive advantage to rival older corporations.

TakeOff Centre

Next, TakeOff Centre is an internal support system which “specializes in the support” of both “companies and ideas.” For investors, this allows them the opportunity to view startup information during token presales.

This is yet another opportunistic feature touted by TakeOff. If it works, an internal IT system that gives investors automatic access to key information on startups marketing their token would be a major win, and a compelling and persuasive point for fence-sitters still deciding on whether to use their service.

TakeOff Exchange

The TakeOff Exchange is the program which sits at the head of the three-pronged approach by this crowdfunding company. The unique reality of this exchange is that, as opposed to the big guys on the market, TakeOff features primarily smaller tokens traded in ICOs for startup companies.

From the picture featured in this section, it seems that the service offers a traditional format with high liquidity for investors and day-traders.

TakeOff TKO Token ICO Details

  • The TakeOff token goes by the name of TKO
  • operates on the Ethereum ERC-20 blockchain
  • At the moment, 11,687 TKO equals 1 ETH. 30% of the total tokens produced are available in this public offering
  • The company is currently boasting a 5% bonus for investments over 10 ETH.
  • More details on this ongoing fundraising effort can be found on the ICO's whitepaper.

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