Recruiting talent for companies is one of the challenging tasks they often face. While the recruiting industry is undergoing an immense growth, these challenges remain unsolved forcing recruiters to adapt. However, keeping up with the talent market and changes in the economy needs a specialized structure which will not fragment our talent recruitment industry, unlike our existing recruitment system.

As of now, talent search in the job market remains at the hands of talent agencies and few online job boards, which usually alters the final recruitment expenses that the companies incur. Commonly, such a situation results from the deconsolidation of the recruitment industry. Luckily, blockchain technology is offering a wave of opportunity for talent search and especially those in the recruitment sectors. By creating peer-to-peer interactions, the innovation can decrease the costs of often incurred during the talent search and additionally, streamline the data flow during the hiring process. Fortunately, there already exists such technology to direct companies directly to the masses and fulfill their talent search needs

What Is TALAO?

TALAO is a short description of the combination of Talent and DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to create a freelancing marketplace for companies to seek technical talents and solutions. And as the first decentralized talent marketplace, TALAO will enable more companies to efficiently mobilize and sort the best talent they can find for their sector. Ultimately, the market for combining a unique way for users to connect to the freelancers with companies in a structure free from intermediaries.

TALAO's technical solution will manage the marketplace through several of its elements including

  • The DAO- the decentralized organization, will enforce a different level of professionalism and fairness to facilitate client satisfaction
  • Personal reputation vault- the secured digital data vault will store Blockchain certificates as a unique way for the professionals to rank their talent reputation according to their real information
  • Decentralized marketplace- all transactions, payments and the escrow service will work under smart contracts with no need for intermediaries as the structure features a freemium model.
  • TALAO token- the primary fuel of TALAO is its utility token which allows for access to the market services, DAO functionalities and manages the personal Reputation vault.
  • An escrow system-funds between client companies and TALAO will work under an escrow service to settle the payments
  • Multiple payment options-TALAO payments also work through different payment options which allows for both fiat and cryptocurrency

TALAO ETH-Based Talent Autonomous Organization Advantages

  • Saves time and cost taken to find the best talent in a much comfortable and quicker manner
  • The talent sorting process becomes productive
  • Better qualified candidates
  • The recruitment market goes on an international scale
  • Freelancers can gain from TALAO's employment services and ultimately boost the gig economy


TALAO will launch an initial coin offering on 05/28/18. The hard cap total for the ICO is $20 million, the soft cap is $5 million. You can purchase the tokens with Ethereum.

TALAO Conclusion

There is plenty of potential within the blockchain and talent recruitment sectors with a myriad of solutions to challenging the existing status quo. While ventures such as TALAO do exhibit tremendous gains, the verdict is still inconclusive as to whether it can genuinely change the recruitment scene. Consequently, that means TALAO has a long way to go, with the currency situation becoming a wait-and-see situation but we should watch the venture for future endeavors. All-in-all, the applications for blockchain technology in recruitment could disrupt the whole industry but should take longer than we can anticipate.

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