What Is Talenthon?

Talenthon is newly developed opportunity based out of the UK and uses blockchain technology that address many of the most fundamental issues that have occurred within the industry. For the more than $450 billion dollars in the recruitment industry and the other more than 4 billion people who are looking for work around the globe.

How Does Talenthon Blockchain Work Recruitment Work?

The vision for the platform is to see a day in which the employers can login directly into an easy to navigate portal and select the best candidate for the job. After that they can hire them and as easy as they could shop on Amazon. They are looking to help create a day in which the skills listed on the candidate’s profile matched what they claimed in real life because they’ve been properly evaluated.

The problem as of now is that companies doing the hiring have no way to validate the information a candidate for hire claims to have. It’s all based on trust and learning as you go. And more than 99% of people who send in resumes have inaccurate information.

The solution is that there is a side off portal online that is used for accessing the candidate’s skills. It is a basic scoring system that is designed to be universal for all job types. The scores are calculated with the weight and skills, plus the reviews from those who are validating them. They’re hoping the system will help to encourage engagement on the platform and increase the value of the Talent Coin.

The customers for the project are any employers who are looking for employees who’ve been assed on a technical level. Also, companies looking for vetted candidates and recruitment agencies who want to get referrals to them as well are ideal candidates for the platform. Any background agencies who need information can use the platform as can people looking to be assessed and hired as well. And lastly, people who are looking to get training or to improve their skills will benefit as well.

Talenthon TCOIN ICO Details

The sale for the tokens is live at this time and is running from 15/03/2018 – 15/10/2018 and can be invested into as the world’s most trusted hackathon. The Pre-ICO has a hard cap of $3 million dollars and the ICO hard cap is 300 Million TCoins.

Talenthon Conclusion

There is a strategic partner on the platform as well. And they are Crypto One Stop Solution. And they are also representing the platform that takes all aspects of a digital economy into consideration. The COSS system works as a payment gateway/POS, exchange, and merchant lists, as well as a marketplace, e-wallet and marketplace that can operate the platform.

The COSS platform is also used to unify the different aspects of transactions that are typically managed by FIAT money, and there are offers for many different cryptocurrencies and other services related to the industry. There are more features that will be released as Talenthon grows and moves forward.

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