What Is Talentoken?

This is a fully integratable software system for modern organized religions. You can apparently freely use the software to start creating your own personal religious activity on the software. The project is supported by the backing of various religious organizations.

How Talentoken Blockchain Religious System Works

With Talen Token you ultimately get the freedom of religion. The first purpose of the platform is to allow you to participate in any religious activity in the world anywhere, at anytime through the use of the DApp.

There is also a completely transparent offering management system where each transaction is stored in the blockchain used for the system. This include when you make an offering, Tithe, Puja, Etc. The software platform will hopefully help individuals all over the world expand their chosen religion, as well as register and propagate it. One of the options on the system is even designed to help you make your own brand-new religious group.

TalenToken is built on the ERC20 Token and runs strictly on the Ethereum Blockchain. You can use the tokens in various religious activities – The platform is capable of being used for several different religious activities like offerings, missionary activities, and even charity organizations can use it to help run their organizations.

The Talen Token is currently in ICO, with all of the required information about the distribution of the token as well as funding allocation being available on it. You can also view a fully disclosed roadmap on the company website where you can learn about everything the company is doing to move the project forward – complete with dates and projections. The roadmap is useful for determining if a company is moving in the right direction.

Lastly, the company has also disclosed information on the whitepaper. You can download the full V1.5 on the company website at TalenToken.info, the same site you can use to contribute Ethereum to the company.

Talentoken TAL Token ICO Details

Main ICO

  • Name: Talen Token
  • Ticker: ERC20
  • Price: One GOT Token= $0.30
  • Start: February 19, 2018
  • End: April 29, 2018

Talentoken Conclusion

Talen Token appears to be ideal for anyone in an organized religion. The platform allows practitioners of a religion to reach more members while spreading their message. You can learn more at the Talen Token website TalenToken.info.

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