What Is TAP?

TAP is a digital platform that enables you to get split-second access to crypto trading and banking. This is possible with the revolutionary TAP app and card, which enable you to seamlessly trade fiat and cryptocurrencies. With the TAP tools, you are also able to convert your crypto assets instantly, giving you the opportunity to spend them on your card. With TAP, the future is just a tap away.

Banking Meets Crypto Trading

TAP creates an avenue where modern banking meets crypto trading. It provides users with an all-in-one digital wallet with the following features:

  • One app—One card: you can buy, sell, and send Crypto or Fiat currency in one place, with one KYC. Besides, you can store, manage and spend, any time anywhere you choose.
  • Multi-exchanges: you can make simple and transparent trades with cryptocurrency, across all major exchanges, for the lowest fees available.
  • Best price—fast: find the best prices for any trade. The platform’s middleware scans everything on multiple exchanges to give you the best deal around.

The TAP Mobile App At Your Fingertips

  • Speedy trades: instantly exchange any currency for any supported currency with low-cost exchange rates. This, you can do anytime, anywhere—with just a tap of the finger.
  • Low fees: you can pay as little as 0.5% – 1.5% when you purchase a crypto asset. Besides, it comes with a user-friendly interface.
  • Easy on-boarding: you can simply top up with crypto or Fiat, using bank transfers or debit card.
  • Safe and secure: TAP takes security seriously. You can lock or unlock your TAP card, turn off specific transaction types or turn on location security.

Bringing Crypto To The High Street

TAP is leading a revolution in banking. The TAP card enables you to use crypto for your everyday spending habits. You can withdraw cash from ATMs and make purchases in any outlet that accepts MasterCard. Besides, you can convert your Crypto to the currency of your choice and the platform will take care of the rest for using the technology.

TAP Standard

  • Contactless TAP Prepaid MasterCard
  • £1000 Fiat FX exchange per month and 0.5% after
  • £500 free ATM withdrawals per month and 2% after
  • Between 0.5 and 1.5% Crypto exchange fees with 25% discount if fees paid with TAP

TAP Black

  • Contactless TAP Prepaid MasterCard
  • £300 free Fiat exchange per month with 0.5% after
  • £300 free Fiat FX exchange per month with 0.5% after
  • £1000 free ATM withdrawals per month with 2% after
  • A 25% discount on Crypto exchange fees increased to 50% if you pay fees with TAP

TAP Titanium

  • Contactless TAP Prepaid MasterCard
  • Unlimited free Fiat FX exchange
  • Unlimited withdrawals at ATMs
  • Cost price Crypto exchange fees

Unique Technology Under The Hood

TAP comes with sophisticated software, a proprietary middleware that scans the order books of major crypto exchanges. That way, users can get the best price possible for every trade.

It also enables users to keep their entire assets safe in offline cold storage, behind a multi-signature wallet, with the highest-grade security. TAP also delivers instant trading with the software that allows traders to execute any supported currency trade instantly, without having to wait for funds to move. This makes trades and card purchases seamless.

Who Can Use TAP?

New Investors:

The platform is simple and transparent. This allows new investors to fund their accounts with a bank transfer or debit card. Starting a trade is easy on the app, with only a touch of a button.

Familiar Investors:

TAP comes with speed and functionality that are ideal for familiar investors. They can complete trades in less than 3 seconds, even across different exchanges. They can buy any supported currency with any other supported currency instantly.

Crypto Adopters:

Users are able to eliminate security concerns and get instant access to their assets with TAP. All the assets are secured in cold storage and insured by Lloyd’s of London.


Users can convert Fiat or digital currency into the currency of their choice, with just a tap. Fiat conversions are free up to £1000 per month. Besides, there are no additional charges of unfavorable FX rates while traveling. TAP will soon be available on the App Store and Google Play.

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