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Tapatalk Forum App Sets Up Expert Blockchain Advisory Board To Manage Implementation

Tapatalk, the mobile forum application has announced that it is setting up a new advisory board to drive its blockchain implementation. The app revealed that it had already secured the services of three highly outstanding blockchain experts to help with the blockchain integration. Sam Kazemian, Jeff Atwood and Sanjay Sabnani will join the board that will guide the mobile app in blockchain integration across the more than 200,000 different forums that depend on Tapatalk. Blockchain solutions should help the app in solving issues associated with better forum management and anonymity.

Using Blockchain To Optimize Tapatalk

Tapatalk aims to use blockchain solutions to optimize its forum value while increasing trust as it seeks to build a completely anonymous system. Participants in the forum will be protected by immutable reputations, which will help in creating verifiable transactions and trade within the network.

Tapatalk’s network is spread over 180 countries and supports over 200,000 forums. The app is designed to allow owners of forums to build native mobile application experiences for their users. It enables users to increase their engagement with the respective forums, create content quickly and also stay engaged using push notifications. By setting up this new blockchain advisory expert board, Tapatalk is going to optimize its solutions from the ground up effectively.

According to the Tapatalk CEO, Winter Wong, they were delighted to add this group of distinguished blockchain experts to the newly-created advisory board. Wong said that the contributions of this blockchain board would unquestionably enhance Tapatalk’s blockchain implementation for the numerous forums that are already depending on them to bring immutable trust into anonymous networks to achieve reliable reputations and verifiable transactions. Also, the advisory team will help Tapatalky by sharing the blockchain best practices, mentoring and advising the developers, and generally assist the app in developing solutions for sustainable scalability.

The Blockchain Experts Who Will Join Tapatalk

Sanjay Sabnani is among the blockchain experts chosen for Tapatalk’s blockchain advisory team. Sanjay brings extensive work experience across public companies and successful startups. Tapatalk had initially purchased his company’s online forums, CrowdGather, back in 2017. Besides being an active contributor on his forums, Sanjay is considered as among the thought leaders, and pioneers of the sector and Tapatalk is delighted that he agreed to join their team.

The co-founder of Everipedia, Sam Kazemian, is yet another member of this new board. He brings his Everipedia experience to Tapatalk, where he headed a team that created a robust blockchain encyclopedia. Sam is exceptionally skilled when it comes to scaling blockchain solutions. Tapatalk believes that his expertise could be critical in enabling easier blockchain integration as the app seeks to improve its forum features for the benefit of both participants and owners.

The last person to join the three-person board is the Discourse co-founder, Jeff Atwood. Jeff has experience in setting up open-source forums, and he can guide Tapatalk in enhancing the quality and value of forum discussions. Before creating Discourse, Jeff co-founded several other innovative startups, including Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow.



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