TaTaTu is a revolution in the way content is consumed. The time in which big Silicon Valley media companies monetized your free time is now over. With TaTaTu, users, advertisers and content providers are on an equal footing.

As the company explains, TaTaTu will not exploit the users, but instead, the company will be partnering with them. The platform rewards individuals for their content consumption using blockchain technology.

A platform based on blockchain and built by experts from TaTaTu, will allow users to process transactions between all parties in just seconds.

How Does Tatatu Work?

The platform will be offering premium movies, music, gaming, sport, and video moments. But the important change is that TaTaTu will be the first company in history that will pay users just to watch, listen and play all this content.

The company explains that they start with 50 new movies, 1,000 videos and 50,000 music videos. Later they will add more and more content as more users will be participating in the TaTaTu ecosystem.

TaTaTu will be offering a token (known as TaTaTu Tokens or TTU Token), that will become the unique currency for the entertainment industry. Some of the industry’s most notable players will soon be accepting this token as a means of payment.

TaTaTu Token

The TaTaTu Token will be the only way for advertisers to buy ads on the TaTaTu platform. Moreover, advertisers, users and content suppliers will have full transparency over the entire flow of revenue. The token will also be used in the production of movies, the financing and ticketing of events and much more. This will allow the industry to have a greater efficiency.

tatatu homepage

Team And Advisors

Andrea Iervolino is the founder of TaTaTu. He launched a tech business at the age of 13, and produced his first movie just two years later, when he was 15. Today, at the age of 30, he finances and distributes over 500 movies. Some of the movies are Rush, Apocalypto, Siding Doors, The Passion of Christ, Memento, and many others.

Jonathan Pullinger is the CTO of TaTaTu. He started working in the Bitcoin space in 2012, he developed crypto mining software and built different mining rigs. Since then, he was working on several blockchain projects, including Ethereum and other similar platforms.

Marcello Mari, is the Head of Blockchain and Public Relations at TaTaTu. He started to work in the blockchain industry with SingularityNET, where he was head of Public Relations. He is also advising NapoleonX ICO for their marketing and communication needs.

Other important team members are James Aufenast, Head of Marketing, Anthony McGuire, Head of Advertising, Ed McCulloch, Head of Platform, Hans Hagman, Head of Programming and Content, Mario Alberto Casiraghi, Financial Strategy and Investor Relations, Ivan Franito, Economist and Risk Manager, Tom Ara, and Denis Dembia.

TaTaTu Conclusion

The TaTaTu platform aims to reward users for using the platform, and provide a new, safe and good environment for brands to promote their content. TaTaTu has more than 30 of the world’s biggest influencers ready to start sharing content on the platform, there are over 10,000 hours of movies and TV shows that will be displayed, it is powered by blockchain technology and users will not be exploited as in other social networks.

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