Tatti Coin

Tatti is a slang language in South Asia. It means shit! The idea behind TATTI is to create a fresh category of coins, the worst (and first) to be known Tatti Coin. The coin exists to show people what time blockchain and innovation went through. That time will never come back and fun is good and healthy. That said, the goal of the coin is to help you have a giggle occasionally, when the whole world talks about Tatti.

Tatti Coin Mission Statement

The mission of Tatti Coin is to empower people around the world bringing the blockchain technology into their daily lives. Tatti currency utilizes the blockchain technology to process transactions between two parties faster, efficiently, and privately. With Tatti, you have varied and flexible options to find suitable places to spend the gold. Tatti network comes with helpful integrations and tools that enable you to handle large-scale transactions.

Why Do You Need Tatti Cryptocurrency Token & Blockchain Project?

We can arrive at the answer to this question by asking another question: What is the real cryptocurrency adoption? While it may be hard to calculate, we can elaborate it by looking at the target readership.

Target Readership

Currently, the world contains about 7.5 billion people, which should be the maximum physical limit. It could be great if every citizen of the world was a crypto user. However, that is not possible for a number of reasons.

To begin with, there is a big gap between the crypto-haves and the crypto-have-nots. In fact, less than one percent of the world’s population owns digital currencies. On the flip side, the world has nearly four billion people who can access the internet and another five billion people with bank accounts, which means both categories can benefit immensely from the blockchain and crypto technology.

Crashing The Numbers

Considering the people aged between 14 and 64 years as crypto adopters, it results in 57 percent of the world’s population. This is nearly 2.1 billion people. Now, for the 2.1 billion people, they may or may not use cryptocurrency, but one thing they do for sure: they all engage in the act of excretion, which is known as Tatti in South Asia.

Many people do not know anything about the blockchain or cryptocurrency! All they care about is to a suitable place to release their blocks! If you have been reading along, by now you should know what it’s all about. The idea is to write crap and have some fun! It is a good way to get engaged when the market bleeds. Therefore, this is just a nice joke project. The objective of Tatti is to spread the message of blockchain across south Asia, to people who really should join the crypto world! By injecting the fun element, it will draw them in, or at least create some awareness. The owners of Tatti will create fear of missing out, to pique the interest of those who should join.

Tatti Coin ICO Details

Tatticoin presale starts on February 14.

With the Tatti app, hodlers looking for a quiet place to release the tension from their system can stay connected in a decentralized manner. Once you reserve a spot as a holdler, the reservation triggers the Tatti smart contract on the Ethereum public blockchain.

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