Are you struggling to learn more about the blockchain technology and how to become a better investor? Believe it, you are not alone. It takes a while for people to know this market well and people have been more and more interested in blockchain since 2017. The solution for this problem might be in companies like Taylor, which has developed Taylor Academy and the Taylor trading platform.

The main goal of these two platforms is to give some aid to the people who are only starting to use the cryptocurrency market at this moment.

What Is Taylor?

Taylor Academy is a company that was created with the goal of spreading knowledge about the cryptocurrency trading and the blockchain world around the internet. It teaches free introductory courses and paid advanced ones for crypto enthusiasts who are willing to become more than and turn themselves into successful investors.

The goal is to educate the people who invest in the main platform of the company so they can profit more and be more satisfied customers, also making more money while using the platform to get profit.

What Is Smart Cryptocurrency Trading App?

Taylor Trading Platform is a cryptocurrency exchange created especially for people who are looking for a platform that can be very easy to use and uses smart cryptocurrency trading to make a better user experience for you. With this platform, you will be able to earn profits many times daily.

The platform monitors the major exchanges of the market to find where the best investment opportunities lie and then send signals to the users who can decide with only one click if they are going to buy/sell the cryptocurrency or not. This enables even people who are still not cryptocurrency experts to get some profit from the market.

You can use the app from your phone to receive the most important information and be able to trade at any time of the day if that is what you want. The platform has even stop-loss protection so you will be able to set up triggers that sell some currency whenever you need to avoid losing more money.

The platform is at the Beta phase at the time of this report, so the mobile app is still underway and there are several improvements that will still be made until the service is complete, what is scheduled to happen until the half of 2018. The service will stop to be free and it will start to be paid only then.

Taylor TAY Token ICO Details

TAY tokens are ERC-20 compatible tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain and they are for sale, so if you are an investor, you might be interested. A total of 6,535,424 TAY tokens will be sold and no more tokens will be made after them to prevent inflation.

The token sale has started on February 21. You can buy tokens for 0.0007 ETH each, but you have to spend at least 0.01 ETH to buy them (and 50 ETH tops, or someone else will have to buy more for you). All unsold tokens will be burned.

USA, China, South Korea and Singapore’s legislation do not allow its citizens to participate in the sale, the company states on its site.

Taylor Conclusion

It is clear that Taylor, as a platform, is more suited for users who are only starting to invest in cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, new investors generally investing in arbitrage or other types of trading, not in Initial Coin Offerings, so you will probably be the target of the company even if you are an experienced investor that is looking for a profitable platform to invest in.

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