T-BOT is a new cryptocurrency company focused in the content creation industry. It promises to enable its users to have complete control over their financial management and give both the creators and the consumers a platform that works well. Its goal is to facilitate investments, management of finances, operations and personal purchases of content.

The focus of T-BOT is to be a platform that can be useful for micropayments, especially in the context of image and video content providers, as there are a lot of platforms that are only interested in written articles.

Why is TBitBot T-BOT Useful?

The company was created to be useful for the users in the following ways: by using it, you will be able to receive payments from other countries that you might not receive normally; protecting your IP from violations because the information will be on the blockchain; buy smaller articles, etc. Also, it is a marketplace.

T-BOT is very useful for the recording of data so you can protect yourself financially if you are a creator and also so you do not have to pay a lot of times if you are a customer. Imagine that you are paying for a service like a subscription to an online magazine. If you have to pay a fee whenever you want to read an article, it can end up too expensive to read more articles if you are charged individual times.

Some platforms, like PayPal, for instance, charge a percentage and a fixed fee per transaction. This means that you would pay the same percentage if you made one or ten transaction but 10 times the fixed fee. If the transaction was very small, this could be a huge problem.

Imagine having to pay $2 + 5% + $0.50 USD ten times instead of $20 + 5% +$0.50 USD. In the first scenario, you would be paying $26 USD, while in the second one, only $21,50 USD. That’s quite some difference, right?

How Does TBitBot T-BOT Work?

TBitBot T-BOT has created a platform called MicroP in which the users will be either customers of creators. The creators will have the chance to publish their content on the platform and be paid for it in an easy way. The clients, on the other hand, will have several perks when they have to pay for the content and, hopefully, quality content.

The MicroP platform will offer content subscriptions, crypto exchange integrations, copy protection and other perks for the users because the objective of the company is to create a space in which all of the involved will benefit.

The company will use multiple channels, such as Blogger and WordPress, browser plug-ins, etc. to be sure that the users will have the best experience with content.

Payments will be able to be made in different ways. You can use Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, for instance, to pay and by using the integrated crypto wallet feature, you will be able to exchange the money and take it in whatever form you want to.

The TBitBot T-BOT Conclusion

This platform seems like a nice alternative to other platforms that offer a workspace for freelancers or content creators in general. Perceive that it unites features from financial companies like PayPal with a marketplace in which you can sell your content and get some exposure.

While we are still not 100% sure that this platform is necessarily perfect for the buyers, it is certainly good for content creators, so if you are one, chances are that you are going to like it.

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