TCoin Network

What Is TCoin Network?

The Tcoin network is solely here to offer the best in class user experience to the people by people. All members of the community will have a chance to submit unique ideas, get votes, and have it implemented by community members. Despite this, the core of the technology shall remain intact. Developers of the TCoin team will create the P2P Tcoin Network system, an app that will let users store their tokens.

How TCoin Network Community Voted IoT Projects Works

Tcoin is the main internal crypto fuel to be used on Ethereum. It will be utilized to pay the transaction fees. In essence, there will be two types of accounts one is the externally owned accounts, controlled by a private key. The other is the contract account, which is controlled by the contract code.

An externally owned account does not have any code. One can use it to send messages from the externally owned account by creating and signing transactions. In the contract account, every time the contact account gets a message, its code will activate, which will allow it to read and write to the internal storage. It will then send other messages or create contracts.

In Ethereum, “contracts” are not something that needs to be fulfilled or complied with, rather they are autonomous agents, which live inside the Ethereum execution environment. They are always executing a piece of code when poked using a transaction or message. The smart contract users will have direct control over the Tcoin balance and the key/value store to maintain track of the persistent variables.

TCoin Network Benefits

The world is going digital and all companies, which are in the digital ecosystem want to build their name in the competitive digital environment. To do this, they are implementing ideas, which are unique. However, these ideas still fail to meet the expectation of those that anticipate organizational and personal growth. This is why Tcoin was created. It wants to create a strong bridge between the people and the blockchain technology.

The idea portal is already up and running. When you go to, simply click on the Idea Submission button. However, the page is still undergoing some major design transformation. Thus, the look and feel will be unveiled soon.

TCoin Network TOCN Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Ticker: TOCN
  • Total Supply: 450,000,000 TOCN
  • Tokens at ICO: 225,000,000 TOCN
  • Developer: 45,000,000 TOCN
  • Bounty: 22,500,000 TOCN
  • Company Reserve: 90,000,000 TOCN
  • Bonus: 67,050,000 TOCN
  • Testing Tokens: 450,000 TOCN
  • Date: June 17 – August 1, 2018

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