A wild competition has exploded in the realm of cryptocurrency exchange. With a growing demand for decentralized solutions around the world, new projects are sprouting up everywhere.

While TXXHub isn’t necessarily decentralized, it gives users the ability to trade any cryptocurrency pair in existence. The idea is somewhat fascinating for people in the cryptocurrency sphere, which is likely why they’re making so much headway. Here’s the insider’s scoop on exactly what TCXHub is.

The Idea That Started TCXHub

The new hub is a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform for users to explore new pair options. TCXHub performs differently than other exchanges on the market, but still is basic at its ore. The hub supports all tokens and coins across the board. Every possible future coin to come will have a place on the market hub as well. It makes for some very interesting trading possibilities.

How Total Crypto eXchange HUB Trading Platform Works

Users who want to trade cryptocurrency of any kind can use the hub to do so. It doesn’t matter what coin pairs on are on the exchange, whether the coin pairings are listed or not – they can be traded on TCXHUB – there are endless options for users to create new unique pairs. An example would be trading Bitcoin for Gossamer is now possible. There is no need for traditional fiat support, however, a drawback likely to shake away some users.

TCXHub is open to listing any coin or token that shows up on the market in the future. There’s a small price to pay for a listing fee for having a specific currency supported on the platform, to mention. The fee is paid by the developer of the coin of the supporting community. Paying for trading on an exchange eliminated any aspect of decentralization, though there are several opportunities waiting to explore pairings all the same. It will likely bring exposure to many of the smaller altcoins on the market.

As it is now, there isn’t a huge demand for a service of this nature. Decentralized exchanges give the same basic feature, without the need to pay a listing fee for placing tokens. However, consumers in the industry still typically prefer centralized trading solutions, which is why TCXHub is likely to take off soon with exponential growth.

The hub is exploring new ways to rake in large amounts of cash to create its own main network infrastructure. With that end in mind, users on the platform are offered common stock option share through a privately dispersed memorandum. Accredited forms are needed by any users who want in. It’s not an offer given to any users located in the United States or Canada for regulatory reasons.

TCXHub Moving Forward

The launch of the system will be ideal for new token makers and cryptocurrency founders. Anyone else will simply see it as another trading platform to keep a watchful eye on in case of arbitrage opportunities opening in the future.

The fact TCXHub doesn’t support fiat currency is a slight issue for new investors coming on board for the first time as well as analysts and speculators. All the same, it’s far too early to make any real conclusions on how successful TCXHub will be.

What are your thoughts? Is this a platform exchange the industry really needs? Or will it fizzle off as soon as it starts? Leave your comments in the section below.

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