The leading blockchain based food fresh food traceability solution TE-FOOD announced that it has partnered with HALAL TRAIL to track livestock as well as fresh food from farms to tables, through the halal food chain. This is good news to almost 2 billion Muslims all over the world, who use halal method to determine lawful ways of food preparation, according to Islamic laws.

Industry estimates indicate that the global halal food market will eventually reach well over USD 2 trillion within the next seven years. As a result, this huge market of Muslims is intentionally seeking out for trusted; halal certified sources to provide food. It is for this reason that they are very keen to verify the source of their food.

The Solution

One of the key solutions to this great concern is HALAL TRAIL, which seeks to spread out to all global halal food markets and services on food traceability as well as quality verification. This solution, in line with the processes exclusively developed for HALA TRAIL, will offer a top-to-bottom approach from supply chain companies on identification materials and mobile apps.

Additionally, B2B mobile apps will be used by consumers to check the history of the food they want to purchase. This will be very instrumental in providing verification of data credibility as well as traceability data, which will all be stored on blockchain. In combination with blockchain technology, food traceability will give Muslims the peace of mind regarding the source of food.

Pilot Program

HALAL TRAIL will make use of TE-FOOD’s technology to facilitate two pilots it intends to carry out in June, 2018 to track chicken and lambs. This will be done in Manchester and Tunbridge, both in the United Kingdom. The two pilot projects will be implemented to be used as a reference which can be executed all over the world.

Notable Food Companies Have Faith In TE-FOOD

By and large, this collaboration is a key step is the calculated spreading out of TE-FOOD. TE-FOOD is a very well-established results-oriented player in the blockchain based supply chain solution providers. Since its live operations in Vietnam as well as over 6000 business clients in many parts of the world, the company is set to revolutionize the Halal food industry.

TE-FOOD serves many food companies in many parts of the world. These include companies like AEON, Big C, LOTTE Mart, and Auchan. It is actually one of the few companies in the crypto space with a ready product, as well as approved market fit.

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