There are plenty of ICOs going on all the time, so it’s very hard for an investor to know which ones are the best. Because of this, a good investor has to always be well informed if he wants to have the best results.

It is our objective here on our blog to keep our readers always well informed about the best investments with cryptocurrency, so today we are reviewing a start-up called TechBench.

What Is TechBench?

TechBench presents itself as “a new model of remote work”. It works as both a social network platform for programmers and IT professionals and a platform for interactive crowdfunding. What this platform aims to do is to bridge the gap between professionals seeking funding and investors looking for good opportunities.

The company wants to target both specialists, investors, and companies, offering opportunities for all of them to connect with each other in the most lucrative way possible.

How Does TechBench Work?

The platform connects both specialists and investors as long as they are registered on it. Every user has a profile, so the investor can browse between portfolios and CVs to discover the best candidates for his investments. Also, it can work as a place for HR professionals to look for experienced professionals for hire, just like LinkedIn.

When the investor does decide to apply his money into a start-up, he can then have a direct line of communication with the professionals working there, asking them questions and reviewing their project. After the money is raised with the ICO, the platformed is planned to go online at the end of 2018, when all the preparations will be complete.

How To Invest In TechBench?

To invest on TechBench, you have to buy their tokens. 1 TBCH token can be bought with 0.001 ETH, but there are bonuses for early investors, so as soon as you invest, the cheaper it is to buy tokens.

If you invest during the Pre-ICO, which was already going on at the time of this report, you could buy with a bonus of 50%. The ICO will be during December and the discounts will be as follows:

  • First 10 days: 20% discount;
  • Second 10 days: 10% discount;
  • Last 10 days: no discount.

The ICO will run during the whole month and all of the remaining tokens will be burned, so if you want to invest, you really have to do it while the ICO is happening. The tokens will entitle their owners to a share of the profits of the company.

TechBench Verdict

TechBench does look like a solid investment. The company looks trustworthy and their idea is not bad at all. If you want to invest in this company, you should invest soon, as there’s a good bonus if you invest during the Pre-ICO and the discount is still good if you do it at the beginning of December.

Don’t be afraid to invest on TechBench. We can’t talk about the rentability of your investments yet, as it still is too soon to say, but it does look like a company that will get results.

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