TechCrunch Ethereum Meetup has been scheduled to take place in Zug, Switzerland on July 7, 2018. This event is a day event starting at 1PM and ending at 6PM.

The purpose of this event is to help consumers better understand the blockchain technology, along with several of its facets including the notions of decentralization, smart contracts, scaling and hack concerns, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), startups, cryptocurrency adoptions and much more. More emphasis is said to be placed on blockchain’s current stance, along with its potential growth and uses in the long run.

Over 28 speakers will be sharing their experiences, expectations and much more. Some of the experts who will be speaking include the likes of Galia Benartzi, Business Development at Bancor, Justin Drake, Researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, Joseph Lubin, Co-Founder of Ethereum and Founder of ConsenSys, Dolfi Mueller, Mayor of Zug, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance and much more.

TechCrunch has recently provided a breakdown as to what consumers can expect from the Ethereum Meetup event and it goes as follows:

1:00PM to 1:05PM – Opening Remarks

1:05PM to 1:30PM – Keynote

1:30PM to 1:55PM – A Governance Discussion

1:55PM to 2:15PM – Intro to Cryptoeconomics

2:15PM to 2:45PM – In depth look at cryptocurrencies, exchanges and DExs

2:45PM to 3:15PM – Community and Funding

3:15PM to 3:35PM – BREAK

3:15PM to 4:05PM – Workshops, which will consist of interoperability between ethereum networks, discussions on protocols and bridges and much more. Furthermore, a DApp Panel will be held to discuss, “What does success look like?”

4:05PM to 4:30PM – Research and Sharding

4:30PM to 4:55PM – “What’s at Stake? Decentralizing Consensus”

4:55PM to 5:25PM – How to deal with the problem of scalability

5:25PM to 6:00PM – Proof of Stake

Hopefully, the event will meet the anticipations set by consumers. Based on the available agenda, participants will not only be faced with the pros, but also the cons of blockchain with different inputs that may induce new solutions. The speakers involved also are dominant within their respective field and being able to sit through a wide range of experiences is guaranteed to bring new insights.

The tickets are currently sold at about $50. This price supposedly does not include Ethereum Meetup held July 7th, as it only accommodates the TC Sessions: Blockchain event held on July 6th. For more information visit the event official site here.

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