The impact of blockchain in the current economy and revolutionizing the internet is undeniable due to its features such as smart contract and decentralization. In respect to this, TechCrunch is holding its first ever event in Zug Switzerland on July 6, 2018.

It will focus entirely on blockchain, crypto, and the future trends of the internet. It also seeks to highlight the issues associated with the technology such as scaling issues, fraudulent ICOs, and security breaches.

The event will also cover how businesses and enterprises can tap into the full potential of blockchain, the impact of financing through ICOs and crypto, and technological advancement and challenges in blockchain.

The project dubbed “Blockchain Unveiled” 2018, will host a number of renowned speakers in the blockchain technology and crypto world, who will discuss the major issues, problems, and impacts that the blockchain technology will have in the economy today.

TechCrunch's Blockchain Unveiled Event Speakers:

The speakers will include:

Jun Hasegawa: The CEO and founder of OmiseGO, which has branches in Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia. The company was the very first in the Ethereum community to offer financial services, which decentralized the transfer of value and exchange.

Leanne Kemp: She is the founder and CEO of Everledger, which is a digital ledger whose function is tracking and protecting valuable items. The platform aims at improving transparency for luxury and reducing fraud, trafficking and black-markets through a digital verification system.

Brian Behlendorf: He’s the Executive director of the Hyperledger project, which aims at advancing blockchain technology in marketplaces, micro-currencies, data sharing networks, and decentralized digital communities.

Galia Benartzi: Galia is the co-founder as well as the head of business development at Bancor, which is a system that integrates the use of blockchain to eliminate intermediaries in bitcoin exchanges in order to simplify trading of crypto coins and to make the path of holding ICOs smoother.

Gert Sylvest: He is the co-founder and General Manager of Tradeshift, which is a company that helps companies in the improvement of their expensing system.

More Blockchain Uncovered Speakers

Other speakers for the event include:

  • Roham Gharegozlou, who is the founder of Axiom Zen
  • Colin Hanna, an associate for Balderton Capital
  • Mance Harmon, the founder and director of Swirlds
  • Nicole Brand who is a partner at Lake Star
  • Mon El Isa, CEO and co-founder at Melonport
  • Hope Liu, who is the CEO at Eximchain
  • Hanna Zubko, who is the founder and VP at Business Development intellectEU

The tickets are available on the TechCrunch’s website for 495 CHF per ticket. The tickets are inclusive of access to the main event, breakfast, and lunch. There are also volunteer opportunities available for the event.

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