TechCrunch's Blockchain Event Hosts Ethereum (ETH) Masterminds Panel: Optimal Outlook?

In Zug, Switzerland, the creators of Ethereum spent time at TC Sessions, regaling an engaged audience about their intentions with the future of Ethereum. The trio, which included Vitalik Buterin, Justin Drake, and Karl Floersch – discussed scaling the platform and improving the structure of their teams.

Buterin said that there are “definitely changes” that they have had the chance to make but have not. However, when questioned if he would change anything, he said, “here are ways in which that the problem is fundamentally hard.” Buterin noted at the conference, “The demand for using public blockchains is high and we need to up the stability in order the meet that demand.”

Floersch took the spotlight momentarily, discussing the problems between Ethereum and “adversarial networks.” He believes that the lack of a guarantee to users should elicit a penalty to those individuals. He said that, “We come up with ideas, try to formalize them, and implement them.” However, simulations are not ready quite yet.

The group plans to release and launch Ethereum 2.0 and its features sometime in 2019, though Ethereum 3.0 will be offering benefits for quantum computers as well. According to Floersch, “We’ll push quantum secure updates before there are commercial quantum computers.”

Essentially, all of the progress that Ethereum has made and continues to make is due to their clear and concise roadmap. They even say that their advantage over Bitcoin is due to Bitcoin’s multiple management heads, which can result in gridlock easily.

Buterin said,

“art of the reason is that the Ethereum community early on [continued] to promote the idea of the Ethereum roadmap. I feel that the roadmap is part of the social contract. People who buy into Ethereum buy in knowing that these are the things that people are going to want to push it forward. There may be deadlock on what specific path the community should take.”

With the roadmap at Ethereum, everyone stays on the same page, which means that their plans can flow smoothly and easily. Considering their recent success, it is nice to see that a team that works so hard together can thrive in both their open source and blockchain projects into the future.

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