Teledactyl TDCL

What Is Teledactyl?

Teledactyl is a blockchain-based platform currently under development, and it’s one that is expected to revolutionize the healthcare industry once completed. The platform will be able to share and store pertinent patient information, for instance, past health records through the platform. This will be done using a fully encrypted transmission channel.

By using blockchain technology, the team behind this platform will be in a position to build, as well as circulate its own unique proprietary cryptocurrency. This is a currency that can be used in paying for health services received by a patient, thereby helping its users do away with the third party troublesomeness.

The Teledactyl Healthcare Records On Blockchain Goals

The platform will be seeking to solidify, as well as re-establish the personal relationship that once existed between patients and their healthcare providers. Furthermore, uninsured platform users will be provided with a better, and a more organized way of sharing their past health records.

In addition It also strives to provide a platform where patients can be able to make direct payments to health care providers using Teledactyl tokens. By doing this, it will help in eliminating any additional costs that are incurred when a patient makes their payments using unnecessary intermediaries.

Given the fact that technologies have now started taking a firm position in the healthcare sector, its developers are hopeful that this will help create a disruption that can be used in changing the way the sector works. This will include the way patients pay for the services they have received, as well as how other health care providers get to access patient information.

Teledactyl Benefits

  • The Teledactyl token: will help do away with the need to use intermediaries or third parties when making payments
  • Blockchain technology: helps increase, and guarantee patient privacy while securing all the data being transmitted from one end to another.
  • Telehealth: is designed to be one of the most versatile pieces of technology that will be used to deliver health care, health information, and health education from a distance.
  • Eco-health system: will come in handy in reducing inefficiencies, wastage, and redundancies.

Teledactyl TDCL Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: TDCL
  • Token Sale Date: August 18 – September 18, 2018
  • Soft Cap: $10,000,000 Waves
  • Hard Cap: $25,000,000 Waves
  • Accepted Payment Method: BTC

Teledactyl Proposed Solution

As you are probably aware, the healthcare system in the United States is dire need of a revolution. This is a revolution that will help introduce new and more efficient methods of preserving, and protecting sensitive patient data thus promoting confidentiality.

It is a revolution that should also lead to the reduction of health care costs, an improvement in the payment systems, and increased provider access. All this should be achieved without burdening the patient with additional expenses and costs just because they are in need of medical care.

Teledactyl is, therefore, being developed as a PHR (Personal Health Record) system based on the blockchain technology. It will be a system that can be used by professionals from the healthcare sector to store, as well as share patient information with ease, and without compromising the integrity of this data.

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