TeleX AI

The last few years have attracted onwards a new trend in the technology and financial marketplace, dependent on simplicity and convenience, made possible through the aid of artificial intelligence. TeleX AI is an advanced platform which allows people to exchange digital monies via an easy, Telegram-based chat bot.

The founders claim that research has revealed that newer generations no longer want to take care of desktop-based applications, thus the look of websites incorporating all kinds of apps. Yet, another breaking point for an evolution is right round the corner- artificial intelligence chat bots.

TeleX AI was made to bring both upper trends and novelties under the same roof. Its principal goal is therefore to allow users to trade digital currencies of all types without having to sign up on exchanges, or download software on their own computers. As an example, a user may only ask the AI bot exactly what the most popular ICOs are, and a listing of recommendations would appear.

TeleX AI Features

At the moment, TeleX AI includes a few features, such as but not restricted to keeping your bitcoin and ether via its integrated wallet, sending and receiving digital money for free, trading and cryptocurrencies simply by conversing with the bot.

In a recent media announcement made by TeleX AI, it was mentioned that: ‘Next-generation monies are deserving of a next-generation port, also TeleX AI does its best to meet the developing needs of the 21st century trader'.

Cost Of TeleX AI

Presently, TeleX AI doesn't charge any fees for the services being offered, as it is currently carrying out its token presale, as part of its first coin offering (ICO). Once the token sale is concluded, each trade made through the platform will cost a small charge, payable via the tokens, which also represent the AI's supply of revenue.

It is important to mention that the tokens will be available for sale as long as the AI stays in purpose, yet throughout the presale, cheap tokens are available that will grant users faster accessibility to the attributes of TeleX AI.

People that are interested can go right ahead and join the company's Telegram group for the newest updates, details and information about the chatbot. To learn even more about TeleX AI, the whitepaper is available on the company’s website.

How Does TeleX AI Work?

Users must message TeleX AI to send and move cryptocurrencies. TeleX AI provides every user a wallet where they can store multiple cryptocurrencies and benefit in the instant and zero fee transactions of the TeleX AI network.

The liquidity engine monitors the equilibrium of the users along with the paths to the deposits to multiple cryptocurrency exchanges so as to offer liquidity. The order books of the trades are duplicated, and each time a user places an order via the Telegram interface, the arrangement is filled using one of those integrated trades, based on the price and accessibility of TeleX AI's pooled funds in these exchanges.

Users may also purchase and sell cryptocurrencies with TeleX AI's basic wallet and swap functionalities. As only the simple concept is initiated, the organization expects the number of solutions to be enlarged in the future as the infrastructure of TeleX AI enhances. Examples for new functionalities comprise offering market data, selling mining contracts, supplying trading signals, and a lot more.

TeleX AI Summary

TeleX AI has come a long way in providing users with a simple interface to trade, store, and move cryptocurrencies via an AI chatbot. Although these advancements are impressive, its true worth to the market will be dependent on the success of its ICO that will be held on the 15th of November, 2017.

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