In the last few years, the cryptocurrency market has gone up tremendously attracting more and more people. No such growth rate had seen in the asset class.

Nevertheless, although many people are venturing into this market, major impediments exist in the adoption of this digitized asset class. More people find cryptocurrencies confusing and inaccessible to the technical expertise needed to use them. Also, only a few products and services are offered in exchange for crypto coins.

For this reason, there is the need for a service that will be crypto accessible and easy to use for everybody. Crypto that doesn’t need technical expertise and which has a wide variety of goods and services offered for sale. It is from this idea that Tempow comes into being.

What Is Tempow?

Tempow is a broad network of crypto owners who could trade and exchange coins one on one. The network also comprises of several businesses that are supported by a cryptocurrency exchange.

How Tempow Blockchain Crypto Exchange Marketplace Club Works

Tempow is made up of three different platforms:


Legatow connects crypto sellers, and buyers face to face, anywhere anytime without using third parties. It represents an infrastructure where buyers and can meet and make contracts online.

The platform is supported by iOS and Android systems and from other web browsers. Users using this platform are guaranteed of transaction security and encryption of end to end messages.it will also feature a verification system that will be used as a tool to increase user trust and confidence in the platform. The users will then be able to verify their status for them to be preferred exchange partners.


The crescendo platform will facilitate the buying and selling of goods and services using different types of cryptocurrencies. By this, it will be the first crypto only e-marketplace in the whole world.

Its key features include:

Crypto Acceptance Worldwide

It will pave the way for worldwide acceptance of cryptocurrencies by the different businesses. Several merchants are reluctant to incorporate cryptos into their businesses. Crescendow will, therefore, be looking forward to fighting this setback.

Pavement Gateway

The platform will provide a pavement gateway for efficient and up to speed processing of payments. The system may incorporate conventional systems to achieve this.

Instant Crypto To Fiat Conversion Tool

Merchants willing to use cryptos in their businesses will have an option of converting their sale proceeds to fiat currencies like dollars and euros. This aims at eliminating exchange risks among the merchants. The conversion tool will be applicable only when the given crypto has enough exchange liquidity.

100% Financial Security

Crescendow will be accountable for any loss of funds belonging to merchants and customers if such an event occurs. However, to guarantee security, payments made by customers will be released upon the confirmation of successful deliveries by the customer.


This facilitates the exchange of crypto to fiat money and back to cryptos. It will offer reward and incentives to people who do such exchanges.

Its success is attributed to:

The Tempow Token Club

The three platforms will be linked together using a single Tempow (TEMP) tokens. The tokens will be traded across all the platforms where holders will have the choice to join the Tempow Token Club (TTC). The club will then enable users to participate in the success of the platform.

Tempow TEMP Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker: TEMP
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • ICO date: 01.09.2018 – 04.11.2018
  • Price: 1 USD = 6 TEMP
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, FIAT
  • Soft cap: 1,000,000USD
  • Hard cap: 30,000,000USD
  • Country: SINGAPORE
  • Restricted: USA

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