Teno Coin TNC ICO

When you are looking for a great investment, you need information to be able to distinguish the bad investments from the good ones. Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency and blockchain market is saturated right now and there are so many options for you to choose from that it can feel like a herculean task to decide in which company you are going to invest.

Obviously, if you do not want to lose hours or even days looking for the perfect company, you will need information before you decide to invest in a certain company. Our blog can provide you that. We review a number of companies and investment sites on our blog so you will be able to choose the ones you like the most. Today we are going to review a new and interesting cryptocurrency called Teno Coin.

What is Teno Coin TNC?

Teno Coin TNC is a new cryptocurrency that works in a decentralized peer-to-peer mode. The company has developed this cryptocurrency to enable instant almost zero cost trades and payments that can be made anywhere in the world by the users of this cryptocurrency. The symbol of this token is TNC.

This cryptocurrency will be open source. This means that you will be able to modify by yourself the systems which use this cryptocurrency and that its API is public and any third-party company can develop a service using this cryptocurrency.

How Does Teno Coin Work?

The company is preoccupied with security, so the tokens of the company will be protected with a wallet that encrypts your trades, which will hopefully make it more secure. Teno Coin is a proof-of-work type of cryptocurrency. It can be mined and it uses the Scrypt algorithm. Its block time is 2.5 minutes and its rewards halve at every 1,2M blocks.

Because of this, it is stated by the company that Teno Coin is faster than Bitcoin and also more secure. While the security claim is discussable, Teno Coin is, indeed, faster than Bitcoin.

Teno Coin also has a lending program in which you can use your Teno Coin tokens to lend them to the company and it will invest for you and grant you a return on investment later. You can lend from $100 to $250,000 USD and get up to 55.8% per month of return on investment while you lend your money.

The bigger the amount, the faster the company promises that you will be able to get your capital back. If you invest less than $1000 USD, you will have it back in 240 days and if you invest more than $100,000 USD, you will have it in 60 days. There will also be a referral bonus for people who referred other people to lend money to the company.

How to Invest in the Teno Coin TNC ICO?

If you are interested in investing in Teno Coin, you have to acquire the tokens of this company by buying them during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). There will be 8,000,000 TNC tokens sold during the ICO and other tokens will be mined later.

The ICO will begin on January 30 and it will last until February 28. The users have to buy at least 50 TNC tokens to participate in the sale and get a bonus from buying tokens.

You can acquire a single TNC token paying $0.50 USD, but the price will go up after a number of tokens is sold and it will reach $1.35 USD at the end of the sale.

The Teno Coin TNC ICO Verdict

Is this a good investment for you? Maybe, but possibly not. Teno Coin does not look like it does anything new or different. Basically, this is a company which you probably have seen before and forgot about it. While you might even get a certain return on investment if you invest in this company, you will certainly get more profit from investing somewhere else.

If you want to invest in this company, we will not advise you against it, but know that there are certainly other options that might be more interesting for you, so maybe it would be a good idea to check for another investment before you end up deciding that this is the right one.

Our team wishes you good luck on your investments.

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