TeraMusu is a trading platform that offers a variety of cryptocurrency, stock, and commodity pairs. Find out everything you need to know about the platform today in our review.

What Is TeraMusu?

TeraMusu, found online at TeraMusu.com, is a trading platform specializing in contracts for difference (CFDs), cryptocurrencies, and forex trading.

With TeraMusu, you can take a leveraged position with CFDs and forex trading.

When you go to trade, however, you’ll realize that TeraMusu is mostly focused on binary options trading. You can take a 24 hour position, long-term position, or short-term position, for example. You buy based on whether you think a certain commodity will go up or down during your selected period.

TeraMusu has some unusual features you won’t find on conventional trading platforms – the company’s trading menu has a “potential profit” section that always says “500%”, for example. Typically, trading platforms don’t make promises about how much ROI you can earn.

TeraMusu appears to be run by a Tallinn, Estonia-based company. That company has a securities trading license from Vanuatu.

How Does TeraMusu Work?

TeraMusu is an investment trading platform that offers the SpotOption 5.0 web-based CFD trading platform.

You can trade more than 100 underlying assets on the platform.

Overall, the platform is easy to use. The interface is colorful and user-friendly. It’s designed for beginner traders who are attracted by the high profit margins of options trading – even if the vast majority of binary options traders will lose money.

In any case, TeraMusu makes it easy to select the leverage amount you would like to use, your stop loss, and a take profits amount.

The minimum trade size is $20, and new accounts must start with a minimum deposit of $250.

Types Of TeraMusu Trading

TeraMusu offers all of the following types of trades:

  • FX/CFD: Trade forex, currencies, commodities, indices, stocks, pairs, or cryptocurrencies across a wide range of markets.
  • 24 Hour: Choose hot assets, currencies, commodities, indices, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and more.
  • Short-Term/Long-Term: Take short-term or long-term positions on stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, hot assets, currencies, commodities, and more.
  • One Touch: TeraMusu lets you take a position on assets with one touch. At the time of writing, One Touch stocks included Citigroup, Disney, and Exxon Mobil. You can take various positions and earn a profit of up to 350%.
  • Pairs: TeraMusu offers a variety of pairs. You choose which of the pairs will perform better. Some of the pairs available include gold and silver or SSE180 vs CSI300.
  • Ladder: Ladder trades are available for currencies, commodities, indices, stocks, and hot assets.

Who’s Behind TeraMusu?

TeraMusu’s “About Us” page has very limited information about itself. The company describes itself in general terms, and has no information about its management team, its leadership, its experience, or anyone involved with the project.

Some sources online claim the company is based in Dominica, while others list an address in Tallinn, Estonia. There’s even one apparent registration for Vanuatu.

The company’s official contact us page, meanwhile, lists numbers for the UK, Malaysia, and Estonia. You can also get in touch with the company by email at [email protected]

The disclaimer at the bottom of the TeraMusu website claims that TeraMusu is a brand operated by Arumas Ways OÜ, a Tallinn, Estonia-based company. The very next line seems to contract this information by stating that TeraMuru is “a brand owned by Agatha Limited”. The website also appears to have a legitimate license number for Vanuatu (license number 14625 under the VFSC).

TeraMusu Conclusion

Overall, there isn’t much information about TeraMusu available online. The platform only appeared online in September 2017, and early reviews for the company only started to appear online on September 19. We can’t find any unbiased reviews from legitimate users of the platform.

Generally speaking, it’s a bad idea to send money to a company online without knowing further details about the company – like who’s running it or why they’re qualified to handle your investment. You may want to wait for more information about TeraMusu to appear online before you “invest” money in their binary options trading platform.

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  1. I have recently had the extreme misfortune to have dealt with Teramusu and the only advice I can give is avoid at all costs if you value your money at all. The way they handle your money is just gambling and when you tell them to stop they keep coercing you until you agree to give them more money. They claim to be fully licenced but I have been unable to get any reply from Vanatau where the licence is held. I just wish I could have found this site before I lost my money. Operators like this are one of the reasons why the financial trading has such a bad reputation and why commission payments should be banned as it just encourages recklessness. If you know of anyone I can complain to who might get things done please let me know.

  2. Yes I have had dealings with Teramusu and follishly sent them some money fron my Credit card ! After which I
    changed my mind because the procedure was too complicated for me. Irequested my money to be returned,
    but all I got was requests for photocopies of my Passport , Driving licence, Credit card. electricity Bill, and so
    on ! I do not like the Idea of them having all this info on me ,So Iam still waiting for my money!

  3. Teramusu makes money for me the first time and coerced me to make more deposit into my account. Luckily i went online and saw some negative reviews. I applied for withdrawal and was persuaded to trade everything in my account only for the account managers to loose everything on the same day, very bizarre. Just the same tactics i read online. The account manger even threatening me against sharing my experience online that he will file a law suit against me. What a blackmail. I asked them to close my account after gathering my proofs. Those guys are bad market! I am reporting them to the police because they have all my personal details, just in case! Simply scam like practice.


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