The Terciv blockchain platform has been built to introduce a world class designed to handle the global epidemic of fake news. This is achieved by producing an easy to scale decentralized program, based upon various ready to deploy development methods.

The application uses regular modules you will discover in internet enabled or enterprise grade software packages. Blockchain, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition and async algorithms are a couple of of the words to describe their technology stack.

Their goals are multifold, together with the long term vision being that, We will be supplying content creators a platform which will with minimal effort, confirm the identity and validity of the content.

Terciv’s job is to ease to publishers together with the capacity to filter out the onslaught of vigilante, purposely deceitful journalism, while providing users the ease of mind that their publishing origin is using adequate technology to filter out bogus news.

Terciv’s Founding Members


Founder and Architect

John Terrero is a 90's born infant in 80's. As part of the first 8 million internet users, John developed a healthy fascination for technology at an early age. His profession has been down many streets, beginning at network engineering, moving to data science and then applications architecture.


Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer

Sinohe Terrero is a chief fiscal officer of QUID, an intelligence platform that unites search premium data, and high-performance algorithms to create visualisations of economy, trends and cultural phenomena. He served INDIEGOGO as the SVP.


Co-Founder and Legal Adviser

Kenny Terrero is corporate adviser with immense expertise in corporate and compliance matters Concerning corporate issues, exchange traded funds.

Tecriv Roadmap

December 2015

Proof of concept Architecture design and development begins. The Terciv team starts working on Stage 1 of 5. Creating a blockchain algorithm that will index news articles from respectable sources. Circle Frontend and algorithm.

April 2016

Development starts. The goal of this stage is to have an algorithm that would search out recently published posts from top news organizations and publish the articles to the blockchain via embedded metadata Circle Development integration.

August 2016

Development and testing. Phase 1 proof of theory development near completion. Branch blending and testing begins. First 10,000 posts are indexed. First 5 news organization assets issued to CNN, FOX, BBC, NBC, REUTERS.

October 2016

Whitepaper published and blockchain indexing begins. Whitepaper published in anticipation of upcoming ICO. 5 more news bureaus are to be issued resources and indexing goal set to 1 million information post.

Terciv Summary

The Terciv Project claims to help remove the endemic of fake news from the internet. Fake news could be seen as a serious issue which dilutes the journalistic integrity of information posted online.

The good news about Terciv is that the proposed roadmap is rapidly accelerating. The due date for Terciv is expected to be fulfilled as per the company’s guidelines, and it is overseen by a team of experienced managers and entrepreneurs.

More details can be found on the Terciv website.

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