What Is Terminal?

Terminal is an informational and analytical platform that contains trading functionality for cryptocurrencies. The platform is web-based and gives its users an opportunity of trading in more than forty exchanges across the world, which leads to availability of more than five hundred coins at the disposal of users of the platform. It provides access to over one thousand trading pairs in a single interface, which is user friendly and intuitive.

The platform is a global arbitrage viewer since it shows real time arbitrage opportunities for each market worldwide. The platform’s main objective is to provide in-depth analysis of a variety of blockchain, crypto related internet traffic, in association with similarweb and data from various exchanges in real time. This allows traders to make informed decisions when it comes to investment strategies in cryptocurrency by use of the charting suite, which is available on the platform.

How Terminal Crypto Market Analysis, Exchange & News Works

The platform is further viewed as a content aggregator and the general provider of information. It entails extra functionality in its system and provides valuable information in terms of cryptocurrency news from various online publications, the aggregation of ICO ratings, mining sections, market pulse, market snapshot screens, arbitrage matrices in real-time, the tracking of crypto indices, the universal blockchain explorer, calendars, and much more information that users find so helpful.

The platform is the go to place for every crypto enthusiast since all information is found in one forum. The information that the platform provides is transparent and available for free thus allowing everyone worldwide to easily access it. The platform is a tool that captures all the daily increasing and improving information in the world of cryptocurrency, which enables users to stay up-to-date with changes in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

The platform is used for the purposes of trading, researching, analyzing and tracking the available coins and crypto markets. It is a forum used for gathering market intelligence and for sharing valuable information concerning investments in cryptocurrency with other interested parties. It is a multi-language platform, which contains all in one global tool in order to satisfy the needs of people involved in cryptocurrency and all its operations.

Terminal Benefits

In-Depth Blockchain Analysis

Users of the platform have an opportunity to resolve the parameters of blockchain and the effect it has on pricing in terms of difficulty in mining, hash rate, profitability of mining, pool analysis, transactional data and a lot more information that helps users make a good trading decision.

Comprehensive Exchange Data

The platform allows its users to understand the dynamics in price of a coin or a pair by use of aggregated data available on the platform from the top of the world exchanges.

Internet Traffic Overview

The platform collaborates with Similarweb to use the Internet Traffic Data Intelligence to provide its users with information on the most popular crypto exchanges, ICO trackers, news providers, and content providers in relation to cryptocurrency.

Single Interface

The platform selects some of the world's biggest exchanges to provide its users with an easy accessibility to global markets. The platform uses a self-developed charting suite for its users for high flexibility.

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