Ternion ICO (TRN Token)

Ternion is a licensed digital exchange platform integrated with a fiat gateway and merchant services. It seeks to increase the accessibility of the cryptocurrency market by connecting modern financial services with the decentralized financial systems therefore facilitating and promoting innovation in crypto finance. Furthermore, Ternion aims at encouraging innovation in crypto finance through developing a cryptocurrency that has an actual backing of a profitable business and is not driven by speculation but by the natural market forces.

The platform has a Ternion community that seeks to address some of the challenges that face the cryptocurrency market today such as lack of an assurance from ICOs about the reliability of their digital assets, crypto exchanges having lower standards compared to the established traditional brokerages, and difficulties in implementing cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

Ternion Ecosystem

The Ternion ecosystem composes of three components that collectively work together and support Ternion (TRN) as the utility currency of the platform.

The Exchange

The Ternion exchange is a regulated, accessible, and efficient exchange platform that enables users to convert crypto-to-crypto, fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat trading. The main objective of the exchange is to offer crypto traders with an all-round solution.

The Ternion Payment Processor

The payment processor facilitates payments between vendors and their customers. Users will receive a debit card, which they can use to make payments with. The vendors can then choose to receive the processed payments in fiat or cryptocurrencies.

The Ternion Liquidity Fund

This is the core of the other two components. It ensures that inflation of the TRN tokens does not take place and stores the accumulated funds in order to develop the Ternion platform.

Ternion Token

TRN is an ERC20 compliant token that serves as the utility token on the platform for payment of exchanges commission fees or for listing tokens on the Ternion exchange. Additionally, the tokens provides compatibility with all the ERC20 compliant tokens, which benefits all the users within the Ternion ecosystem.

Why Invest In Ternion?


The platform is accessible via a mobile platform app and a web application, which makes it convenient not only for the institutional players but also for any of the retail investors.

Transparent And Reliable

Ternion will have annual audits on the transactions and operation of the platform in order to ensure transparency and reliability by making the public aware about any future advancement.

Compliance To Regulations

The Ternion exchange has a European trading license and follows all the set European guidelines regarding onboarding for fast verification's.

24/7 Customer Support

The platform has a full time customer support service that even contains the top management who will help clients when they have any issues or queries related to Ternion.

Parameter Of The Ternion ICO (TRN Token)

  • Token: TRN
  • Token protocol: ERC20
  • Total Token supply: 95 000 000 TRN
  • Token supply during Pre-sale: 22 500 000 TRN
  • Token supply during ICO: 53 500 000 TRN
  • Pre-sale date: Active until June 28 2018

ICO date:

  • Round A – June 29 – August 29, Exchange rate: 1 TRN=0.65 USD
  • Round B – August 30 – October 30, Exchange Rate: 1 TRN=2.10 USD
  • Round C – November 1 – December 30, Exchange Rate: 1 TRN=3.23

ICO Caps:

  • Soft Cap: $5 000 000
  • Hard Cap: $65 000 000

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