Operating purely on the Blockchain, Tetarise seeks to provide a suitable platform for booking accommodations. Besides, it offers something unique: a 5% cashback on each successful booking order. While creating a booking system similar to AirBnB.com or Booking.com, the platform aims to make your vacation cheaper and more comfortable.

The Concept of Tetarise

Many people who go on personal or business trips use online booking sites such as Booking.com or Airbnb.com to secure their accommodation. These platforms exist in hundreds across the world. They not only save you time when looking for a hotel or an apartment, but some of them offer discounts upon booking. However, the sites are all similar and in most circumstances, they stand out at the cost of a huge advertising budget.

Hotel and apartment owners have to pay between 10 and 25% of each reservation to the online booking platforms. While the booking site owners earn huge commissions and are happy, the hotel and apartment owners and their guests are less happy with the service they get for their money. It is against this backdrop that Tetarise seeks to offer a vision of a new level of booking platform, which will serve the interest of hotels and their customers first.

Tetarise – The Roadmap

  • March-June 2017: Concept development and market research
  • July-August 2017: creating the team and approving the business model
  • September 2017: Preparation for the launch of the advertising campaign
  • October 2017: Tetarise presentation at the Blockchain conference in Kiev, and launch of the advertising campaign
  • November 2017: Launch of the pre-ICO. Pre-ICO discounts are also available at various levels starting from 35% between day 1 and day 7 to 25% between day 24 and day 31.
  • December 2017: Preparation for the ICO, and platform development
  • January 2018: Launch of the ICO
  • February 2018: Distribution of tokens, continuing work on the platform, team selection
  • May-June 2018: Launch of the Tetarise online booking platform

Tetarise – The Differences

Tetarise seeks to implement two key differences on its platform, which will set it apart from the traditional online booking platforms:

  1. Each customer on a Tetarise platform is entitled to a 5% cashback from each reservation he or she makes
  2. Customers will be allowed to book accommodation using cryptocurrency. With that system of payment, customers will no longer need to convert money into physical funds, a step that will save them between 3 and 7% often lost in traditional exchanges.

How Tetarise Works

  • Step #1: A client makes a booking for an accommodation through the Tetarise online platform
  • Step #2: Tetarise sends the client’s order to the hotel or an apartment
  • Step #3: The client pays for the accommodation
  • Step #4: The accommodation returns 10-15% of the reservation cost to Tetarise
  • Step #5: Tetarise returns 5% of the payment to the client

In the end, Tetarise seeks to solve the problems that are common on the traditional booking platforms and give the customers a chance to save some money. This will make traveling more enjoyable with more funds to explore other aspects of the vacation.

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