The Bike

What Is The Bike?

TheBike is a platform that focuses on implementing the shared bike concept to over eighty countries by using cryptocurrency for payment solutions and blockchain technology to manage all its operations in a decentralized manner.

The platform focuses on the development of APIs used by any shared Bike company that uses cryptocurrency as the global means of payment and as a way of integrating all available shared bike companies. The shared Bike concept is used to mostly solve healthcare problems in terms of exercising and motivate the users of the bikes by giving them rewards.

How The Bike Finance Healthcare Using Crypto APIs Works

The shared bike concept works in such a way that the platform finds out the points in the city for usage as bike parks. A record of geographical points is then updated for usage by a potential user. The user finds TheBike pack that is closest to them using the platform's application. The user then uses the application to scan the bike's QR code in order to unlock the bike.

At the destination, the user packs the bike legally and safely at the bike pack and manually locks it thus automatically ending the trip. Unlike the other BIKE concepts, the platform proposes a common payment for all bike operations by use of its own cryptocurrency.

The Bike Coin THBK Token & ICO Details

The platform's token called the bike coin is the main currency in the platform and are ERC20 compliant. They are used as payment for bike rentals worldwide. Generally, the TBHK tokens are viewed as the only global payment method for each shared bike companies.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol: THBK
  • Sale date: 20/05/2018 to 30/04/2019
  • Accepted payment method: BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, DashCoin, BitCoinCash
  • Total token supply: 2,950,990,050
  • ICO: 80% of the issued tokens

Benefits Of The Bike

  • Motivation: The platform leads to the improvement of healthcare by motivating the users of the bikes through rewarding them with free coins while they are riding.
  • Security: The platform offers its users with a secure wallet to safely protect their coins and record all transactions made. Decentralization allows easy problem detection in the bikes used.
  • Common means of payment: The platform's coins are used as the common means of payments by all bike companies thus ensuring uniformity and benefit to all users.

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