Like millions of other crypto enthusiasts, you may have heard of easy ways to earn yourself extra concerning crypto investing. The notion is true as numerous individuals have proven to be able to receive a passive income for investing in Bitcoin. Some are successful enough to pay their bills, pay for their children education, and buy a car and many more. However, more often there are the unfortunate individuals who always aim to rip off your hardworking efforts.

But how can you tell if the venture is legitimate or not? If you happen to meet a suspicious crypto project or investment deal, it is always wise to check for a past review to avoid getting ripped off. As such here’s an overview of one investment program that is similar to what we would call outright suspicious

What Is Bitcoin University?

Bitcoin University is a crypto investment course that aims to give its users an exponential growth regarding return on investment. The program promises to multiply your $100 investment into over $30,000 in less than 30 days through trading of cryptocurrencies. The program is the brainchild of Brian Hawkins from England.

The 43-year-old claims to have a working formula on how you could make money through his Signals trading software. There is a little background on his investment qualities. However, he does claim to have made an exponential profit since learning the trade from a university student.

Bitcoin University Learn Cryptocurrency From An Expert Features

The investment course will consist of a Video and PDF format for the educational part of the program. Additionally, the course comes with a Signals Software from where it will help you understand and trade using profitable strategies The Bitcoin University program will consist of several modules that will offer video tutorials and eBooks that will teach the users how to make money by trading Bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin University A Scam?

  • No contact information-the fundamental lack of contact details indicates that Bitcoin University is more of a get rich quick scheme rather than a long-term project. As a result, this lays questions matters of accountability, safety and the authenticity of the whole program.
  • The layout- most of the crypto making scams have a similar design to Bitcoin University. The page usually displays testimonials, large fonts and text highlighting.
  • Guarantee-the Bitcoin University showcases a ‘nothing to lose’ mind-frame for the users. The 100% guarantee is usually not genuine
  • Quick- the investment program promises quick exuberant return within a short span of time which is often a deadly trap and not an absolute bargain.
  • Too good to be true-as usual, if it's too good then it’s wise to think twice. All the promises of enormous return sound good, but in the end, it all just end up becoming a façade.

Bitcoin University Conclusion

The cryptocurrency boom led to an increase in the type of bitcoin scams. The downside is that these scammers never conform to any standard, and it is hard to have a set of rules to identify them. Still, all of them work with unrealistic outcomes which even people with common sense would not believe. The wise thing to know is that nobody will teach you anything about the latest bitcoin scams. The smartest thing to do is to be vigilant and apply a bit of skepticism whenever you approach projects such as Bitcoin University.

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